git monthly links: 2009-05

This time I wasn’t able to do the links for April; this is taking too much time. Hopefully I’ll find a way to the the RSS feeds in automatic manner soon, otherwise I’ll have to drop this thing.

My favourite is The Git Parable, it’s long, but well worth it. Enjoy.

  • The Git Parable: Extensive explanation of what a VCS should do; what git does
  • A Git Workflow for Agile Teams: Some tips about how to use git in agile teams
  • Using Git with Vim: A few tips to integrate git into vim
  • Backup your Database in Git:
  • GitHub Firewall Install: New GitHub service for companies interested in internal repositories
  • Git Up! 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Old Git Installation: Good summary of relatively new features
  • Hg-Git Mercurial Plugin: Presenting hg-git, an hg backend to use git repos as storage
  • The guide to basic Git for absolutely beginer: Simple git guide for beginners
  • GitHub Firewall Install: New GitHub service for companies interested in internal repositories
  • Getting to grips with git (Part 1): Straightforward introduction to git with svn users in mind
  • Git For Windows Developers – Git Series: Comprehensive guide for Windows users, with nice screenshots.
  • Understanding Git Submodules: Straightforward expalanation about what submodules are, and how to use them
  • Git solves all your branching and merging problems! Almost!: Funny story about moving from svn to git’s branching methodsand what it entails
  • Dead Simple Rails Deployment: Simple instructions to integrate git into Rails deployment scripts
  • Deploying ExpressionEngine from GitHub with Capistrano:
  • Pair Programming & git & github & Gravatar & You & You: Interesting hack for pair programming in github
  • Janapese

  • これからGitを始める人が読むべき記事のまとめ: *Very* popular, but I’ve no idea what it is about
  • やる夫で学ぶ gitcore-tutorial:
  • Russian

  • Git Wizardry:
  • Git Workflow:
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