git top links: 2009-06

These are the top 20 links for June. This time I used an automated process, so the number you see in parenthesis is the actual number of bookmarks per link.

Some of these also appeared in previous months, is this format better? I don’t know, I’ll probably avoid repeating links in next editions. Comments?

  1. Visual git tutorial I (345): Comprehensive and well organized tutorial, probably the best one out there
  2. The Git Parable (344): A journey to the creation of a SCM that does the right thing
  3. A Git Workflow for Agile Teams (213): Straighforward guide with tips for agile teams
  4. これからGitを始める人が読むべき記事のまとめ (174)
  5. Git Cheat Sheets JP (162): Cheat sheets in Japanese
  6. Using Git with Vim (109): A few tips for vim users
  7. GitHub Firewall Install (91): GitHub for private networks
  8. 実用レベルに達したWindows向けGitクライアント「TortoiseGit」でGitを始めよう (86)
  9. The Git Community Book (81)
  10. Re: [git pull] drm-next (74): Linus Torvalds explains clean history; rebase vs merge
  11. Understanding Git Submodules (68): Very detail introduction to git submodules
  12. git: the fast version control system (66): git homepage
  13. GitCasts (63): Very useful screen-casts
  14. Hosting Git repositories, The Easy (and Secure) Way (57): Detailed introduction to gitosis
  15. Getting to grips with git – Part 1: The basics (57): Straightforward introduction to git
  16. github: social coding (54)
  17. Git For Windows Developers – Git Series – Part 1 (50): Introduction to git on windows, with screen-shots
  18. Git – SVN Crash Course (45)
  19. TortoiseGit The coolest Interface to (Git) Version Control (41)
  20. Hg-Git Mercurial Plugin (40)


  1. Automated is good.

    How well are your “top links” postings received by the general audience? If you stick to it and doing it long enough and consistently, hopefully people will notice.


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