CGIT 0.8.3

A new feature-release of cgit, a fast webinterface for git, is now
available for cloning from git:// (or browsing

Some release highlights:

  • support for output filters, e.g. syntax highlighting and bugtracker
    integration – check subdirectory “filters” for examples

  • support for automatic scanning for repositories and caching of the
    resulting list

  • improved support for mimetypes in “plain” view

  • improved support for lightweight tags

  • improved support for embedding cgit in site-specific layouts

  • option to avoid printing author/committer/tagger email

  • support for styling treeview based on filename extension (i.e. icons)

  • lots of bugfixes

Thanks to everyone who contributed code and/or feedback.

Shortlog v0.8.2.1..v0.8.2.2

Lars Hjemli (4):
     ui-tag.c: do not segfault when id is missing from query-string
     cgit.c: do not segfault on unexpected query-string format
     ui-plain.c: only return the blob with the specified path

Matthew Metnetsky (1):
     ui-shared: don't print header <img/> if there isn't a logo defined

Shortlog v0.8.2.2..v0.8.3

Simon Arlott (1):
     truncate buffer before reading empty files

Diego Ongaro (2):
     add cgit_httpscheme() -> http:// or https://
     use cgit_httpscheme() for atom feed

Florian Pritz (2):
     ui-tree.c: show line numbers when highlighting
     Add 'linenumbers' config option

Lars Hjemli (62):
     Add support for an 'embedded' option in cgitrc
     cgitrc.5.txt: make the cgitrc options a valid asciidoc labeled list
     cgitrc.5.txt: wrap the example file in an asciidoc LiteralBlock
     cgitrc.5.txt: un-indent the name section
     Add cgit-doc.css
     Makefile: add doc-related targets
     Add support for ETag in 'plain' view
     Add support for HEAD requests
     Fix doc-related glitches in Makefile and .gitignore
     Return http statuscode 404 on unknown branch
     ui-blob: return 'application/octet-stream' for binary blobs
     cgitrc.5.txt: document 'head-include'
     Add support for 'noheader' option
     cgitrc.5.txt: document 'embedded' and 'noheader'
     cgit.h: keep config flags sorted
     Add support for mime type registration and lookup
     Add generic filter/plugin infrastructure
     ui-snapshot: use cgit_{open|close}_filter() to execute compressors
     ui-tree: add support for source-filter option
     ui-commit: add support for 'commit-filter' option
     Add support for repo.commit-filter and repo.source-filter
     cgit.c: allow repo.*-filter options to unset the current default
     ui-summary: enable arbitrary paths below repo.readme
     Add 'about-filter' and 'repo.about-filter' options
     Add some example filter scripts
     Cleanup handling of environment variables
     ui-shared: add support for NO_HTTP=1/--nohttp
     cgit.css: align commit message with subject in expanded log listing
     cgit.c: make '/cgit.png' the default value for 'logo' option
     cgitrc.5.txt: describe where/how cgit will locate cgitrc
     ui-shared: add support for header/footer options when embedded=1
     Use GIT-
     ui-log.c: handle lightweight tags when printing commit decorations
     Add and use a common readfile() function
     cgit.c: fix caching keyed on PATH_INFO with no QUERY_STRING
     Rename "linenumbers" to "enable-tree-linenumbers", change default to "1"
     cgit.css: make the blob display in tree view a bit prettier
     cgitrc.5.txt: fix description and markup for 'snapshots' option
     scan-tree: detect non-bare repository and stop scanning early
     cgit.c: add support for cgitrc option 'repo.scan'
     cache.h: export hash_str()
     cgit.c: make print_repolist() and print_repo() reusable for caching
     cgit.c: add support for caching autodetected repositories
     cgitrc.5.txt: document repo.scan and cache-scanrc-ttl
     Rename 'repo.scan' to 'scan-path'
     Add support for --scan-path command line option
     Introduce 'section' as canonical spelling for ''
     Add config option 'repo.section'
     ui-repolist.c: sort by section name, repo name as default
     cgit.c: refactor repo_config() from config_cb()
     Add support for repo-local cgitrc file
     ui-repolist: handle empty sections similar to NULL sections
     cgitrc.5.txt: fix markup errors
     Add config option 'enable-filter-overrides'
     shared.c: initialize cgit_repo structs properly
     cgit.c: add missing options to print_repo()
     cgit.c: generate repo.snapshots in print_repo()
     Add and use cgit_find_stats_periodname() in print_repo()
     cgit.c: only print first line of repo.desc in print_repo()
     cgit.c: respect repo-local 'snapshots' option for --scan-path
     Use GIT-
     CGIT 0.8.3

Mark Lodato (1):
     Add head-include configuration option.

Martin Szulecki (2):
     Introduce noplainemail option to hide email adresses from spambots
     Expose file extension in tree lists as class to allow nicer tree styling

Matt McCormick (thewtex) (1):
     make cgitrc.5.txt asciidoc manpage compatible

Remko Tronçon (1):
     ui-plain: Return 'application/octet-stream' for binary files.

Stefan Bühler (1):
     ui-refs.c: improve handling of lightweight tags

Stefan Naewe (1):
     scan-tree: split the pw_gecos field at the ',' to get the real name

One comment

  1. Just wondering if it’s possible to have nested sections on the front page? We currently have about 200 projects listed which makes navigation quite hard. It would be great if these could be displayed as an expandable directory-type listing, as defined by repo.path or repo.url.
    Excellent product by the way, everyone loves it.

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