The latest maintenance release GIT is available at the
usual places:
git-{gz,bz2}                      (source tarball)
git-htmldocs-{gz,bz2}             (preformatted docs)
git-manpages-{gz,bz2}             (preformatted docs)

The RPM binary packages for a few architectures are found in:

RPMS/$arch/git-*-$arch.rpm      (RPM)

GIT v1.6.4.1 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.6.4

  • An unquoted value in the configuration file, when it contains more than
    one whitespaces in a row, got them replaced with a single space.

  • “git am” used to accept a single piece of e-mail per file (not a mbox)
    as its input, but multiple input format support in v1.6.4 broke it.
    Apparently many people have been depending on this feature.

  • The short help text for “git filter-branch” command was a single long
    line, wrapped by terminals, and was hard to read.

  • The “recursive” strategy of “git merge” segfaulted when a merge has
    more than one merge-bases, and merging of these merge-bases involves
    a rename/rename or a rename/add conflict.

  • “git pull —rebase” did not use the right fork point when the
    repository has already fetched from the upstream that rewinds the
    branch it is based on in an earlier fetch.

  • Explain the concept of fast-forward more fully in “git push”
    documentation, and hint to refer to it from an error message when the
    command refuses an update to protect the user.

  • The default value for pack.deltacachesize, used by “git repack”, is now
    256M, instead of unbounded. Otherwise a repack of a moderately sized
    repository would needlessly eat into swap.

  • Document how “git repack” (hence “git gc”) interacts with a repository
    that borrows its objects from other repositories (e.g. ones created by
    “git clone -s”).

  • “git show” on an annotated tag lacked a delimiting blank line between
    the tag itself and the contents of the object it tags.

  • “git verify-pack -v” erroneously reported number of objects with too
    deep delta depths as “chain length 0” objects.

  • Long names of authors and committers outside US-ASCII were sometimes
    incorrectly shown in “gitweb”.

Other minor documentation updates are included.

Changes since v1.6.4 are as follows:

Björn Steinbrink (1):
      config: Keep inner whitespace verbatim

Erik Faye-Lund (1):
      send-email: remove debug trace

Jakub Narebski (1):
      gitweb/README: Document $base_url

Jeff King (3):
      show: suppress extra newline when showing annotated tag
      show: add space between multiple items
      docs: describe impact of repack on "clone -s"

Jens Lehmann (1):
      Documentation: git submodule: add missing options to synopsis

Johan Herland (1):
      help.c: give correct structure's size to memset()

Johannes Schindelin (1):
      filter-branch: add an example how to add ACKs to a range of commits

Junio C Hamano (5):
      merge-recursive: don't segfault while handling rename clashes
      t5510: harden the way verify-pack is used
      verify-pack -v: do not report "chain length 0"
      am: allow individual e-mail files as input

Mark A Rada (1):
      git-instaweb: fix mod_perl detection for apache2

Matthieu Moy (3):
      Better usage string for reflog.
      push: point to 'git pull' and 'git push --force' in case of non-fast forward
      filter-branch: make the usage string fit on 80 chars terminals.

Miklos Vajna (1):
      hg-to-git: don't import the unused popen2 module

Nicolas Pitre (1):
      don't let the delta cache grow unbounded in 'git repack'

Nicolas Sebrecht (1):
      git-am: print fair error message when format detection fails

Ori Avtalion (1):
      Change mentions of "git programs" to "git commands"

Paul Bolle (2):
      Documentation: merge: one <remote> is required
      Documentation: add: <filepattern>... is optional

Santi Béjar (2):
      t5520-pull: Test for rebased upstream + fetch + pull --rebase
      pull: support rebased upstream + fetch + pull --rebase

Zoltán Füzesi (1):
      gitweb: parse_commit_text encoding fix

Štěpán Němec (1):
      Fix typos in git-remote.txt and git-symbolic-ref.txt

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