Stacked Git 0.15

StGit is a Python application providing functionality similar to Quilt
(i.e. pushing/popping patches to/from a stack) on top of Git. These
operations are performed using Git commands, and the patches are
stored as Git commit objects, allowing easy merging of the StGit
patches into other repositories using standard Git functionality.

Main repository:  git://
Project homepage:
Mailing list: (please use "StGit" in the subject)
Bug tracker:

The main changes since release 0.14.3 are

  • New core infrastructure for repository operations, including

    + Infinite undo/redo operations and corresponding commands.
    + Automatic rollback of changes following a failed operation
      (using transactions)---this ensures that StGit commands either
      succeed or do nothing. Previously, every commands had its own
      ad hoc implementation of this.
  • Some commands were added, including

    + "stg squash", for combining two or more patches into one.
    + "stg publish", for maintaining merge-friendly branches (which
      are not rebased).
    + "stg prev/next" for printing the name of the previous or next
      patch in the series.
  • The commands “stg add”, “stg rm”, “stg cp”, and “stg resolved”
    were removed, since there are corresponding Git equivalents.

  • The “stg import” and “stg fold” commands support the “-p N” option
    for stripping leading slashes from diff paths.

  • The “stg import” and “stg fold” commands support the “—reject”
    option for leaving rejected hunks in corresponding *.rej files.

  • New patch identification syntax: <branch>:<patch> (see
    documentation for the “stg id” command).

  • Autosigning of imported patches when “sign.autosign” configuration
    option is set.

  • A powerful Emacs mode for StGit was added to the “contrib”
    directory. It displays the patch stack in an Emacs buffer, and can
    handle all common StGit tasks.

  • Improved bash tab-completion, automatically generated from the stg
    command definitions.

  • Man pages and an improved tutorial.

Special thanks go to Karl Wiberg for the hard work done on the new
StGit features, to Catalin Marinas for many new features and bugfixes,
and to David K



  1. You managed to break the release note in the middle of my name, and left out Gustav’s. I think you need to fix your infrastructure to handle non-ASCII.

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