TortoiseGit Release




  • Improve Rebase Dialog
    Allow lanuch new rebase dialog again after finish rebase dialog
    Disable “force rebase” checkbox during rebase.

  • Git SVN
    Append svn:ignore settings to the default git exclude file Add
    shell extension command to import svn ignore settings.
    Need press “Shift” key to show “import svn ignore” command.

  • Drag-drop copy\move support
    File only

  • Add paste command at shell extension
    Copy and paste file is okay. But there are problems when including
    Cut and paste working

  • Update notepad2 to 4.022

  • Sync Dialog
    Ability to sync submodules in TGit sync dialog

  • Statics
    Sort commits by dates before processed by StatGraphDlg

  • Log Dialog
    Show <No branch> replace ref error message at log dialog

  • Add Check software updater support.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed issue #185. “Can’t find Super-project” when pathname include space.

  • Fixed issue #190: Access violation in Blame and wrong path name
    when root dir is git repository

  • Fixed issue #180: Create patch serial doesn’t work when there is
    “\” at end of path

  • Fixed issue #173: SVN Rebase does not work The correct handle below
    case git config svn-remote.svn.fetch

  • Fixed issue #169: Force rebase checkbox is fixed

  • Fixed issue #163: Conflict “theirs” and “mine” are reversed during a rebase

  • Fixed issue #165: Incorect path to Notepad2

  • Fixed issue #158: Rebase can act on the wrong branch


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