git top links: 2009-11

These are the top 20 links for November (and previous months). I haven’t had time to work on this so that’s why I’m aggregating the months of September and October too and the list is bigger than usual.

I’ve improved my tools to generate this, so hopefully I’ll be able to post these more often. I’ll also post them soon just in case people want to help too.

As you can see the first two links were overwhelmingly popular, it seems people like stuff from Scott Chacon 🙂

  1. Pro Git (483): A book by Git experts to turn you into a Git expert.
  2. Why You Should Switch from Subversion to Git (384): Very detailed article that summarizes the advantages of Git over Subversion.
  3. learn.github (257): Compilation of online training courses
  4. Easy Version Control with Git (155): Compact and comprehensive guide to get started with git.
  5. Gource (88): Software version control visualization.
  6. How We Made GitHub Fast (78): Detailed explanation of how github was optimized in many areas.
  7. Understanding Git Conceptually (75): Simple yet useful tutorial to get familiar with Git concepts.
  8. git (72): Git’s home-page
  9. The Git Community Book (64)
  10. Git – SVN Crash Course (54): Straight-to-the-point crash course for subversion users
  11. Setting up Gitorious on your own server (53): Detailed guide to setup your own Gitorious.
  12. Feature Branch (53): Explanation of feature branches, continuous and promiscuous integration.
  13. Hosting Git repositories, The Easy (and Secure) Way (47): Instructions to setup gitosus for git hosting.
  14. pimping out git log (47): Tips to prettify git log format.
  15. Setting up a new remote git repository (46)
  16. GitCasts (43): Comprehensive screen-casts showing git tricks
  17. Git: Your New Best Friend (42): Straightforward introduction got Git, using command line and ‘git gui’.
  18. Subversion ユーザーのための Git: 第 1 回 Git 入門 (41): Simple introduction to Git for Subversion users (Japanese).
  19. github (39): Popular Git hosting with social networking capabilities.
  20. Git and Microsoft Development: A Success Story (36): A success story of Git on Windows development, and why other tools are not as
  21. git ready (30): Big collection of git tips
  22. Setting up a Mac to Work with Git and GitHub (29)
  23. 「入門 GIT」が神本である件。 git 利用者だけでなくすべての開発者が読むべき本 (29)
  24. Everyday GIT With 20 Commands Or So (26)
  25. gity: The Git App For MAC (26)
  26. Git in One Hour (24)
  27. そろそろ真剣にGitを・・・という人のための『ProGit』が鋭意翻訳進行中っぽい (23)
  28. [技術][Git]Git初心者が絶対に覚えておくべきコマンド (23)
  29. Bananajour – Local git publication and collaboration (23): Local ad-hoc git hosting with web interface and Bonjour discovery.
  30. TortoiseGit The coolest Interface to (Git) Version Control (22): Comprehensive (all-in-one) GUI for Git, just like TortoiseSVN
  31. GitX (20): Attractive Git GUI made for Mac OS X.
  32. indefero: Better code management (19): 100% vendor lock-in free hosted code and project management.
  33. Git# –> Git for .NET and Mono (16): Implementation of Git for the Dot.Net Framework and Mono.
  34. Why Git is Better than X (16)
  35. Git Machine (15): Interesting presentation about git and github
  36. git ready: tig, the ncurses front-end to Git (15): Intoduction to tig.
  37. Git Magic (15): Comprehensive guide from getting started to advanced concepts.
  38. Starting with Git (14): Guide to get started with Git in github.
  39. Easy Fabric Deployment, Part 1: Git/Mercurial and SSH (14)
  40. Git Extensions (13): Toolkit to make working with Git on Windows more intuitive.
  41. Rails deployment made easy with Inploy (12)
  42. chat sheets. $ cheat git (12)
  43. Gitorious (12)
  44. Using p4merge with Git (11)
  45. git merge vs git rebase: avoiding rebase hell (11)
  46. Git – Working on a User Story (11)
  47. msysgit: Git on Windows (11)
  48. Push to multiple Git repos (11)
  49. メモcache: gitの概念図 (11)
  50. Pro Gitの日本語版PDF (10)
  51. When GitHub goes down… (10)
  52. The Git Parable (10)
  53. git ready: reflog, your safety net (10)
  54. Git For Windows Developers (10)
  55. homebrew (9): Packaging system for Mac OS X 10.5 and above.

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