After a long time of silence, here is a brand new version of tig with
changes that has accummulated since version 0.14.1. It mainly brings
minor improvements for tweaking tig usage via keybindings and options.

Thanks to everybody who provided patches.

What is tig?

Tig is an ncurses-based text-mode interface for git. It functions mainly
as a git repository browser, but can also assist in staging changes for
commit at chunk level and act as a pager for output from various git

Release notes


  • Setting the cursor color no longer automatically sets the text to
    bold. The old lazy behavior was a bug.

  • Remove check for git-repo-config, which was officially deprecated in
    git version 1.5.4. The configure script no longer depends on git
    being installed.


  • Provide the manual as a man page named tigmanual(7).

  • Add ability to toggle between showing shorter dates (without time
    info) and relative dates. Use D to toggle between date formats.

  • Show the active (instead of the default) keybindings in the help
    view. Furthermore, honor the keymap when suggesting actions in the
    help messages.

  • Add branch view for choosing which branch to display in the main
    view. Bound to H by default.

  • Tree view: show entry to parent directory (..) when running from

  • Tree view: sort entries by name, date or author. Toggling is bound to
    i by default, with I controlling whether or not to sort in
    ascending order.

  • Make height of the lower view in a split view configurable by setting
    the split-view-height variable to a number or a percentage.
    Defaults to 2/3 of the total view height.

  • Allow multiple text attributes for color commands:

    color cursor white blue underline bold

Bug fixes:

  • Blame view: fix loading of blame data when opened from the tree view
    and CWD is not the repo root. (Debian bug 540766)

  • Tree view: fix searching.

Change summary

The diffstat and log summary for changes made in this release.

.gitignore          |    1 +
INSTALL             |   40 +-
Makefile            |   13 +-
NEWS                |   39 ++
TODO                |    3 -
VERSION             |    2 +-
configure.ac        |    7 -
contrib/aspell.dict |    8 +-
manual.txt          |  249 ++++----
tig.1.txt           |    2 +-
tig.c               | 1549 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
tigmanual.7.txt     |   20 +
tigrc.5.txt         |  365 +++++------
13 files changed, 1497 insertions(+), 801 deletions(-)

Giuseppe Bilotta (2):
Fix previous/next with branch+main view
Predefined external command: git commit

Ingmar Vanhassel (1):
Makefile: Fix typo in 157ebf54

Jeff King (1):
Add missing NULL in blame_grep

Jonas Fonseca (40):
Add small cache for author names to reduce memory foot-print
Reduce memory and startup time by storing author times as time_t
Simplify searching in view lines by defining grep_text utility
Define a tree_grep and fixing searching
Make the granular allocators more customizable using macros
Remove the need for alloc variables
Define an allocator for run requests
Update the current branch information when reloading all references
Fix a potential problem with reading tokens larger then BUFSIZ
Add primitive branch view
Minor fix to always sort even if allocation fails in get_refs
Use temporary variable in refs loop in main_draw
Branch view: fix loading to handle when two branches have same commit
Add support for sorting tree entries by name, date or author
Add support for sorting branch entries by name, date and author
Fix reloading of references to not cause access to freed memory
Restore the branch view position after refreshing
Add simple support for showing menues and use it for showing option menu
Use menus with the commit subject to present selectable commit parents
Fix memory allocation check in open_commit_parent_menu
Manual: document that :<number> jumps to the line number
Remove macros which are only used for default option values
Allow multiple text attributes for color commands
Build with asciidoc-8.4.5
Show the active (instead of the default) keybindings in the help view
Merge remote branch samb/short-dates
NEWS: Mention date-shorten feature
Add support for displaying relative dates
Fix draw_date to not format anything when time arg is NULL
Fix loading of blame data when opened from the tree view
NEWS: Improve bug fix description
Update asciidoc table syntax to the one supported by version 8.4.4
tigmanual(7): provide the manual as a man page
Remove build dependency on git from the configure script
begin_update: simplify control flow
run_io_dir: take dir argument
run_io_rd_dir: obsolete by switching call sites to run_io_rd_dir
io_open: take path as a vararg format
Status view: special case revert of unmerged entries with no physical file

Samuel Bronson (1):
Add an option (and toggle) for shortening the date column by skipping the time.

Sebastian Harl (1):
Fixed some uninitialized variable warnings

Tilo Schwarz (1):
Make height of split view configurable

bill lam (1):
Fix whitespace

Jonas Fonseca


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