git-cola is a powerful GUI for Git written in Python/PyQt4

git-cola v1.4.1.2 has been tagged and released:

I haven’t sent an announcement in a long time but we’ve
been quite busy working on enhancements nonetheless.
The release notes below summarize all changes since 1.3.8
in case you haven’t kept up with the latest cola.

NYE is fast approaching here on the west coast so I’ve got a
party to catch. Thus, this is the last git-cola for 2009 šŸ˜‰
Happy New Years everybody!

git-cola v1.4.1.2

Usability, bells and whistles

  • It is now possible to checkout from the index as well
    as from HEAD. This corresponds to the
    Removed Unstaged Changes action in the Repository Status tool.

  • The remote dialogs (fetch, push, pull) are now slightly
    larger by default.

  • Bookmarks can be selected when git-cola is run outside of a Git repository.

  • Added more user documentation. We now include many links to
    external git resources.


  • Fixed a missing `import` when showing right-click actions
    for unmerged files in the Repository Status tool.

  • `git update-index --refresh` is no longer run everytime
    `git cola version` is run.

  • Don’t try to watch non-existant directories when using inotify.


  • The `Makefile` will now conditionally include a `config.mak`
    file located at the root of the project. This allows for user
    customizations such as changes to the prefix variable
    to be stored in a file so that custom settings do not need to
    be specified every time on the command-line.

  • The build scripts no longer require a `.git` directory to
    generate the `` module. The release tarballs
    now include a `version` file at the root of the project which
    is used in lieu of having the Git repository available.
    This allows for `make clean && make` to function outside of
    a Git repository.

  • Added maintainer’s `make dist` target to the `Makefile`.

  • The built-in simplejson and jsonpickle libraries can be
    excluded from `make install` by specifying the `standalone=true`
    make variable. For example, `make standalone=true install.
    This corresponds to the `
    –standalone“ option to ``.

git-cola v1.4.1.1

Usability, bells and whistles

  • We now use patience diff by default when it is available via
    git diff --patience.

  • Allow closing the cola classic tool with Ctrl+W.

  • Update desktop menu entry to read Cola Git GUI.


  • Fixed an unbound variable error in the push dialog.


  • Don’t include simplejson in

  • Update desktop entry to read Cola Git GUI.

git-cola v1.4.1

This feature release adds two new features directly from
git-cola‘s github issues backlog. On the developer
front, further work was done towards modularizing the code base.

Usability, bells and whistles

  • Dragging and dropping patches invokes git-am
  • A dialog to allow opening or cloning a repository
    is presented when git-cola is launched outside of a git repository.
  • Warn when push is used to create a new branch
  • Optimized startup time by removing several calls to git.


  • git-cola is once again compatible with PyQt 4.3.x.


  • cola.gitcmds was added to factor out git command-line utilities

  • cola.gitcfg was added for interacting with git-config

  • cola.models.browser was added to factor out repobrowser data

  • Added more tests

git-cola v1.4.0.5


  • Fix launching external applications on Windows

  • Ensure that the amend checkbox is unchecked when switching modes

  • Update the status tree when amending commits

git-cola v1.4.0.4


  • Fix Lintian warnings

git-cola v1.4.0.3


  • Fix X11 warnings on application startup

git-cola v1.4.0.2


  • Added missing Exit Diff Mode button for Diff Expression mode
  • Fix a bug when initializing fonts on Windows

git-cola v1.4.0.1


  • Keep entries in sorted order in the cola classic tool

  • Fix staging untracked files
  • Fix the show command in the Stash dialog
  • Fix a typo when loading merge commit messages

git-cola v1.4.0

This release focuses on a redesign of the git-cola user interface,
a tags interface, and better integration of the cola classic tool.
A flexible interface based on configurable docks is used to manage the
various cola widgets.

Usability, bells and whistles

  • New GUI is flexible and user-configurable

  • Individual widgets can be detached and rearranged arbitrarily

  • Add an interface for creating tags

  • Provide a fallback SSH_ASKPASS implementation to prompt for
    SSH passwords on fetch/push/pull

  • The commit message editor displays the current row/column and
    warns when lines get too long

  • The cola classic tool displays upstream changes

  • git cola --classic launches cola classic in standalone mode

  • Provide more information in log messages


  • Inherit the window manager’s font settings

  • Miscellaneous PyQt4 bug fixes and workarounds


  • Removed all usage of Qt Designer .ui files

  • Simpler model/view architecture

  • Selection is now shared across tools

  • Centralized notifications are used to keep views in sync

  • The cola.git command class was made thread-safe

  • Less coupling between model and view actions

  • The status view was rewritten to use the MVC architecture

  • Added more documentation and tests

git-cola v1.3.9

Usability, bells and whistles

  • Added a cola classic tool for browsing the entire repository

  • Handle diff expressions with spaces

  • Handle renamed files


  • Handle carat ^ characters in diff expressions on Windows

  • Worked around a PyQt 4.5/4.6 QThreadPool bug


  • Added a keyboard shortcuts reference page

  • Added developer API documentation


  • Fix the diff expression used when reviewing branches

  • Fix a bug when pushing branches

  • Fix X11 warnings at startup

  • Fix more interrupted system calls on Mac OS X


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