git top links: 2010-1

Time for the first links for 2010. This time the process of finding out old entries has been automated so no duplicates 😉 (and less time for me to generate these)

Here’s the list of new top links:

  1. 25 Tips for Intermediate Git Users (230): Comprehensive git tips
  2. Using Git to Maintain Your Website (42)
  3. Setting up your Git repositories for open source projects at GitHub (41): Mostly so pulling and pushing works correctly; and pull requests are ok
  4. SmartGit — The Easy-to-Use Git-Client (39)
  5. Persistent Trees in git, Clojure and CouchDB (36)
  6. Amp — Version Control Revolution (24): Meta SCM; aims to support git, bzr, hg, etc. through the same ui
  7. Gerrit — Gerrit Code Review (24): Code review and project management for git based projects
  8. how’s my code (20): Agile review tool for git based projects
  9. Why Git is so fast (20): Interesting thread in git mailing list about why git is so fast: C
  10. On commit messages (16): Peter Hutterer reminds us what good commit messages are

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