git-subtree v0.3

Hi all,

git-subtree is an alternative to git submodules. It makes it easier
to use git’s “subtree” merge strategy, and also provides a “split”
operation to do the opposite (extracting a subtree back into the
parent project) so you can go back and forth.

It’s been awhile since I made an actual official release, so I just
tagged v0.3. You can find it at

Main changes in this version:

  • a new git subtree pull command to complement git subtree merge

  • improvements to docs and license notices

  • various bugfixes.

Jakub Suder has also written a new tutorial on how to use git-subtree:

git-subtree appears to be gaining in popularity (it how has 94
followers on github, and people are obviously using it enough to
submit patches). Thoughts about whether (and how) to submit it for
inclusion into core git are welcome.

Amiel Martin (2):
fixed order of assertion in tests
sort assertion to make it more generic

Arlen Cuss (1):
Fix refspecs in given example for git subtree pull.

Avery Pennarun (13):
Docs: when pushing to github, the repo path needs to end in .git
Improve patch to use git –exec-path: add to PATH instead.
Fix behaviour if you have a branch named the same as your –prefix
Add a README that says to email me instead of using github mail.
Merge branch master of git://
If someone provides a –prefix that ends with slash, strip the slash.
Fix a minor problem in identifying squashes vs. normal splits.
cmd_pull didn’t support –squash correctly.
Add some tips for how to install.
Oops, forgot a COPYING file. It’s GPLv2.
Weird, I forgot to have make test call
Merge branch master of git://
Jakub’s changes broke the progress message slightly.

Ben Walton (2):
add installation support to Makefile
make git version dynamic when building documentation

Jakub Suder (9):
added -p alias for –prefix
added -m/–message option for setting merge commit message
allow using –branch with existing branches if it makes sense
fix for subtree split not finding proper base for new commits
changed alias for –prefix from -p to -P
fixed bug in commit message for split
added tests for recent changes
added temporary test dirs to gitignore
improved rev_is_descendant_of_branch() function

Pelle Wessman (1):
Check that the type of the tree really is a tree and not a commit

kTln2 (1):
Add explicit path of git installation by git –exec-path.

Have fun,



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