git top links: 2010-2

Here’s the list of new top links:

  1. A Visual Git Reference (125): Very nice visualizations of common git operations
  2. A successful Git branching model (45)
  3. Aha! Moments When Learning Git (43): Explanation of commonly ignored git concepts
  4. 分散バージョン管理入門 (イラスト入り) (18)
  5. Smart HTTP Transport (13): Excellent explanation of the apparently underhyped http transport
  6. Only You Can Prevent git Merge Commits (10): Simple tip to avoid merge commits
  7. Setting up a public (bare) repository with git (9)
  8. Git for Eclipse users (9)
  9. 10 Useful git commands (8)
  10. 私がSubversionをやめてGitに移った理由 (6)

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