JGit 0.7.1 / EGit 0.7.1

In mid-2009 the EGit and JGit projects started to move to the
Eclipse Foundation. Last week both projects shipped version 0.7.1,
which is our first release since 0.5.0 in June 2009.

Many bugs have been fixed, included the dreaded push corruption bug.
But most of the release was us figuring out how to navigate the
Eclipse Foundation’s processes, so there aren’t many new features
relative to 0.5.0.

About JGit:

JGit is a 100% pure-Java reimplementation of the Git version
control system, licensed under a BSD style license.  These days it
can be found embedded in quite a few software products.  Although
the library development is now hosted by the Eclipse Foundation,
it has no outside dependencies beyond the Java standard runtime,
and the BSD licensed JSch SSH client library.

About EGit:

EGit is an Eclipse Team Provider plugin, providing Git features
directly within an Eclipse workspace.  It is built on top of the
JGit library, making the plugin very portable.



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