git top links: 2010-7

It has been a long time since the last post. I blame it to a) I haven’t had much time b) there hasn’t been so much activity b.1) or there’s a problem with Google Reader that it’s doping some activity.

I’ll be taking a close look at Google Reader to see if it’s doping some stuff, but if anyone has a recommendation for an RSS aggregator that would store thousands of entries, that would be nice.

Here’s the list of new top links:

  1. Git Reference (191): Comprehensive guide for git; well organized, and pleasant to the eye
  2. Git for the lazy (62): Straightforward introduction to git
  3. Gitbox — Everyday git interface for human beings. (57): Graphical UI for Mac OS X
  4. Agile git Workflow (25): Tips to use git on an “agile” environment
  5. Tv’s cobweb: Git for Computer Scientists (18): Explanation of git operations through diagrams
  6. Distributed Version Control is here to stay, baby (14): A story of why Stack Overflow’s podcast regarding DVCS was plain wrong
  7. An Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows (12)
  8. Mercurial tutorial (12): /me shrugs
  9. Git for the nervous developer (10): Explaining git from a convert
  10. Sparkle Share (9): Tool to replace dropbox (uses git internally)

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