The latest maintenance release Git is available at the
usual places:
git-{gz,bz2}                      (source tarball)
git-htmldocs-{gz,bz2}             (preformatted docs)
git-manpages-{gz,bz2}             (preformatted docs)

The RPM binary packages for a few architectures are found in:

RPMS/$arch/git-*-$arch.rpm     (RPM)

We will soon be preparing for 1.7.3 feature release but during the
pre-release freeze period for it, I expect one more maintenance updates
to the 1.7.2.X series.

Thanks everybody who contributed to this release to help making git less
suck 😉

Git v1.7.2.3 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.7.2.2

  • When people try insane things such as delta-compressing 4GiB files, we
    threw an assertion failure.

  • “git archive” gave the full commit ID for “$Format:%h$”.

  • “git fetch –tags” did not fetch tags when remote.<nick>.tagopt was set
    to –no-tags. The command line option now overrides the configuration

  • “git for-each-ref –format=%(objectname:short)” has been completely
    broken for a long time.

  • “git gc” incorrectly pruned a rerere record that was created long
    time ago but still is actively and repeatedly used.

  • “git log –follow -M -p” was seriously broken in 1.7.2, reporting
    assertion failure.

  • Running “git log” with an incorrect option started pager nevertheless,
    forcing the user to dismiss it.

  • “git rebase” did not work well when the user has diff.renames
    configuration variable set.

  • An earlier (and rather old) fix to “git rebase” against a rebased
    upstream broke a more normal, non rebased upstream case rather badly,
    attempting to re-apply patches that are already accepted upstream.

  • “git submodule sync” forgot to update the superproject’s config file
    when submodule URL changed.

  • “git pack-refs –all –prune” did not remove a directory that has
    become empty.

Changes since v1.7.2.2 are as follows:

Brandon Casey (2):
      Makefile: link builtins residing in bin directory to main git binary too
      Makefile: make hard/symbolic links for non-builtins too

Daniel Johnson (1):
      fetch: allow command line --tags to override config

David Aguilar (1):
      submodule sync: Update "submodule.&lt;name&gt;.url"

Elijah Newren (3):
      t5520-pull: Add testcases showing spurious conflicts from git pull --rebase
      pull --rebase: Avoid spurious conflicts and reapplying unnecessary patches
      tree-walk: Correct bitrotted comment about tree_entry()

Greg Price (1):
      pack-refs: remove newly empty directories

Jay Soffian (1):
      for-each-ref: fix objectname:short bug

Jens Lehmann (1):
      t7403: add missing &amp;&amp;'s

Jonathan Nieder (12):
      t4150 (am): style fix
      t4150 (am): futureproof against failing tests
      t3400 (rebase): whitespace cleanup
      archive: abbreviate substituted commit ids again
      checkout, commit: remove confusing assignments to rev.abbrev
      examples/commit: use --abbrev for commit summary
      Documentation: flesh out “git pull” description
      core: Stop leaking ondisk_cache_entrys
      read-tree: stop leaking tree objects
      write-tree: Avoid leak when index refers to an invalid object
      t3302 (notes): Port to Solaris
      parse-options: clarify PARSE_OPT_NOARG description

Junio C Hamano (6):
      Teach "apply --index-info" to handle rename patches
      rebase: protect against diff.renames configuration
      diff --follow: do not waste cycles while recursing
      diff --follow: do call diffcore_std() as necessary
      Prepare for

Linus Torvalds (1):
      Fix 'git log' early pager startup error case

Mark Rada (1):
      Tell ignore file about generate files in /gitweb/static

Matthieu Moy (2):
      xmalloc: include size in the failure message
      t0003: add missing &amp;&amp; at end of lines

Nicolas Pitre (1):
      fix &gt;4GiB source delta assertion failure

Ralf Wildenhues (1):
      Typos in code comments, an error message, documentation

SZEDER Gábor (2):
      mingw_utime(): handle NULL times parameter
      rerere: fix overeager gc

Thiago Farina (1):
      builtin/merge_recursive.c: Add an usage string and make use of it.

Thomas Rast (5):
      Documentation/git-reset: reorder modes for soft-mixed-hard progression
      Documentation/reset: separate options by mode
      Documentation/reset: promote 'examples' one section up
      Documentation/reset: reorder examples to match description
      Documentation/reset: move "undo permanently" example behind "make topic"

Ville Skyttä (1):
      Documentation: spelling fixes

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (1):
      log: test for regression introduced in v1.7.2-rc0~103^2~2

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