git top links: 2010-8


It seems the amount of new links has decreased significantly, so this time I’m going to post recurring links too. Enjoy 😉


  1. A few git tips you didn’t know about (157): Very useful tips, even for git masters
  2. Why aren’t you using git-flow? (29): Introducing git-flow; a bunch of Git extensions for Vincent Driessen’s branching model.
  3. Continuous Deployment, Code Review and Pre-Tested Commits on Digg4 (12): How the digg team uses an array of tools to achieve fast, continous, and stable deployment.
  4. Making GitHub More Open: Git-backed Wikis (12): GitHub now features git-backed wikis using git and GitHub’s markup library.


  1. Git Reference (160): Comprehensive guide for git; well organized, and pleasant to the eye
  2. Pro Git (113): A book by Git experts to turn you into a Git expert.
  3. Git for the lazy (66): Straightforward introduction to git
  4. A successful Git branching model (54)
  5. Git – SVN Crash Course (24): Straight-to-the-point crash course for subversion users
  6. An Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows (20)
  7. Setting up a new remote git repository (19)
  8. Tv’s cobweb: Git for Computer Scientists (18): Explanation of git operations through diagrams
  9. github (16): Popular Git hosting with social networking capabilities.
  10. Gitbox — Everyday git interface for human beings. (12): Graphical UI for Mac OS X

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