Git for Windows

Announcing Git for Windows
This now is available for download at

Git for Windows Release Notes (Git-
Last update: 2 October 2010


These release notes describe issues specific to the Git for Windows

General release notes covering the history of the core git commands are
included in the subdirectory doc/git/html of the installation
directory. Look for files starting with RelNotes.

Known issues

  • Some commands are not yet supported on Windows and excluded from the
    installation; namely: git archimport, git cvsexportcommit, git
    cvsimport, git cvsserver, git instaweb, git shell.

  • The Logitec QuickCam software can cause spurious crashes. See “Why does
    make often crash creating a sh.exe.stackdump file when I try to compile
    my source code?” on the MinGW Wiki

  • The Quick Launch icon will only be installed for the user running setup
    (typically the Administrator). This is a technical restriction and will
    not change.

  • curl uses $HOME/_netrc instead of $HOME/.netrc.

  • If you want to specify a different location for –upload-pack, you have
    to start the absolute path with two slashes. Otherwise MSys will mangle
    the path.

  • git and bash have serious problems with non-ASCII file names (Issue 80,

  • If configured to use plink, you will have to connect with putty first
    and accept the host key.

  • As merge tools are executed using the MSys bash, options starting with
    “/” need to be handled specially: MSys would interpret that as a POSIX
    path, so you need to double the slash (Issue 226). Example: instead of
    “/base”, say “//base”. Also, extra care has to be paid to pass Windows
    programs Windows paths, as they have no clue about MSys style POSIX
    paths — You can use something like $(cmd //c echo “$POSIXPATH”).

Changes since Git-

New Features

  • Comes with Git plus patches.

  • Updated to Vim 7.3, file-5.04 and InnoSetup 5.3.11


  • Issue 528 (remove uninstaller from Start Menu) was fixed

  • Issue 527 (failing to find the certificate authority bundle) was fixed

  • Issue 524 (remove broken and unused sdl-config file) was fixed

  • Issue 523 (crash pushing to WebDAV remote) was fixed


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