metagit 0.1.2

I wanted to announce my project metagit[1], which I started a few weeks
ago. It is a python program, which allows you to manage many scm
repositories at once, e.g. pull all repositories, that are matched by a
given regex. Before you can use it you have to define a set of
repositories. This can either be accomplished by defining them one by
one, or you can use a repo lister.

One good example of a repo lister is the SSHDir lister. It performs a
find on a remote server within a given directory and adds all the
repositories there to your repo set. There is also a lister to get all
your github repos (or gitorious).

But metagit isn’t narrowed to git as scm. At this point it also gives
you the possibility to use mercurial as scm backend and you can clone
your damned fucked SVN repo with git-svn (with the externals, if you wish).

The configuration is just a python script, where you can use the power
of python to define your repositories, and no package is used that isn’t
shipped with python (at minimum python 2.5 (it workes perfectly with
debian stable)).

You can also define policies which of your defined repos (or listers)
show up on a machine (this is done by a regex against the fqdn).

If you have any wish what metagit should also be able to do, write me a
mail, write a issue at github or fork it 🙂

greetz didi


(λ x . x x) (λ x . x x) — See how beatiful the lambda is
No documentation is better than bad documentation — Das Ausdrucken dieser Mail wird urheberrechtlich verfolgt.


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