Git 1.7.4

The latest feature release Git 1.7.4 is available at the usual
git-1.7.4.tar.{gz,bz2}                        (source tarball)
git-htmldocs-1.7.4.tar.{gz,bz2}               (preformatted docs)
git-manpages-1.7.4.tar.{gz,bz2}               (preformatted docs)

The RPM binary packages for a few architectures are found in:

RPMS/$arch/git-*-1.7.4-1.fc13.$arch.rpm       (RPM)

Git v1.7.4 Release Notes

Updates since v1.7.3

  • The documentation Makefile now assumes by default asciidoc 8 and
    docbook-xsl >= 1.73. If you have older versions, you can set
    ASCIIDOC7 and ASCIIDOC_ROFF, respectively.

  • The option parsers of various commands that create new branches (or
    rename existing ones to a new name) were too loose and users were
    allowed to give a branch a name that begins with a dash by creative
    abuse of their command line options, which only led to burning
    themselves. The name of a branch cannot begin with a dash now.

  • System-wide fallback default attributes can be stored in
    /etc/gitattributes; the core.attributesfile configuration variable can
    be used to customize the path to this file.

  • The thread structure generated by “git send-email” has changed
    slightly. Setting the cover letter of the latest series as a reply
    to the cover letter of the previous series with –in-reply-to used
    to make the new cover letter and all the patches replies to the
    cover letter of the previous series; this has been changed to make
    the patches in the new series replies to the new cover letter.

  • The Bash completion script in contrib/ has been adjusted to be usable with
    Bash 4 (options with =value didn’t complete). It has been also made
    usable with zsh.

  • Different pagers can be chosen depending on which subcommand is
    being run under the pager, using the “pager.<subcommand>” variable.

  • The hardcoded tab-width of 8 that is used in whitespace breakage checks is now
    configurable via the attributes mechanism.

  • Support of case insensitive filesystems (i.e. “core.ignorecase”) has
    been improved. For example, the gitignore mechanism didn’t pay attention
    to case insensitivity.

  • The <tree>:<path> syntax for naming a blob in a tree, and the :<path>
    syntax for naming a blob in the index (e.g. “master:Makefile”,
    “:hello.c”) have been extended. You can start <path> with “./” to
    implicitly have the (sub)directory you are in prefixed to the
    lookup. Similarly, “:../Makefile” from a subdirectory would mean
    “the Makefile of the parent directory in the index”.

  • “git blame” learned the –show-email option to display the e-mail
    addresses instead of the names of authors.

  • “git commit” learned the –fixup and –squash options to help later invocation
    of interactive rebase.

  • Command line options to “git cvsimport” whose names are in capital
    letters (-A, -M, -R and -S) can now be specified as the default in
    the .git/config file by their longer names (cvsimport.authorsFile,
    cvsimport.mergeRegex, cvsimport.trackRevisions, cvsimport.ignorePaths).

  • “git daemon” can be built in the MinGW environment.

  • “git daemon” can take more than one –listen option to listen to
    multiple addresses.

  • “git describe –exact-match” was optimized not to read commit
    objects unnecessarily.

  • “git diff” and “git grep” learned what functions and subroutines
    in Fortran, Pascal and Perl look like.

  • “git fetch” learned the “–recurse-submodules” option.

  • “git mergetool” tells vim/gvim to show a three-way diff by default
    (use vimdiff2/gvimdiff2 as the tool name for old behavior).

  • “git log -G<pattern>” limits the output to commits whose change has
    added or deleted lines that match the given pattern.

  • “git read-tree” with no argument as a way to empty the index is
    deprecated; we might want to remove it in the future. Users can
    use the new –empty option to be more explicit instead.

  • “git repack -f” does not spend cycles to recompress objects in the
    non-delta representation anymore (use -F if you really mean it
    e.g. after you changed the core.compression variable setting).

  • “git merge –log” used to limit the resulting merge log to 20
    entries; this is now customizable by giving e.g. “–log=47”.

  • “git merge” may work better when all files were moved out of a
    directory in one branch while a new file is created in place of that
    directory in the other branch.

  • “git merge” learned the “–abort” option, synonymous to
    “git reset –merge” when a merge is in progress.

  • “git notes” learned the “merge” subcommand to merge notes refs.
    In addition to the default manual conflict resolution, there are
    also several notes merge strategies for automatically resolving
    notes merge conflicts.

  • “git rebase –autosquash” can use SHA-1 object names to name the
    commit which is to be fixed up (e.g. “fixup! e83c5163”).

  • The default “recursive” merge strategy learned the –rename-threshold
    option to influence the rename detection, similar to the -M option
    of “git diff”. From the “git merge” frontend, the “-X<strategy option>”
    interface, e.g. “git merge -Xrename-threshold=50% …”, can be used
    to trigger this.

  • The “recursive” strategy also learned to ignore various whitespace
    changes; the most notable is -Xignore-space-at-eol.

  • “git send-email” learned “–to-cmd”, similar to “–cc-cmd”, to read
    the recipient list from a command output.

  • “git send-email” learned to read and use “To:” from its input files.

  • you can extend “git shell”, which is often used on boxes that allow
    git-only login over ssh as login shell, with a custom set of

  • The current branch name in “git status” output can be colored differently
    from the generic header color by setting the “color.status.branch” variable.

  • “git submodule sync” updates metainformation for all submodules,
    not just the ones that have been checked out.

  • gitweb can use a custom highlight command with its configuration file.

  • other gitweb updates.

Also contains various documentation updates.

Fixes since v1.7.3

All of the fixes in the v1.7.3.X maintenance series are included in this
release, unless otherwise noted.

  • “git log –author=me –author=her” did not find commits written by
    me or by her; instead it looked for commits written by me and by
    her, which is impossible.

  • “git push –progress” shows progress indicators now.

  • “git rebase -i” showed a confusing error message when given a
    branch name that does not exist.

  • “git repack” places its temporary packs under $GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY/pack
    instead of $GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY/ to avoid cross directory renames.

  • “git submodule update –recursive –other-flags” passes flags down
    to its subinvocations.

Changes since v1.7.3 are as follows:

Adam Tkac (1):
      Don't pass "--xhtml" to hightlight in gitweb.perl script.

Alan Raison (1):
      contrib/hooks/post-receive-email: fix return values from prep_for_email

Alejandro R. Sedeño (1):
      Add --force to git-send-email documentation

Aleksi Aalto (1):
      status: show branchname with a configurable color

Alexander Sulfrian (2):
      daemon: add helper function named_sock_setup
      daemon: allow more than one host address given via --listen

Alexandre Erwin Ittner (1):
      gitk: Add Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) translation

Alexey Shumkin (1):
      userdiff: match Pascal class methods

Anders Kaseorg (6):
      apply: Recognize epoch timestamps with : in the timezone
      describe: Use for_each_rawref
      describe: Do not use a flex array in struct commit_name
      describe: Store commit_names in a hash table by commit SHA1
      describe: Delay looking up commits until searching for an inexact match
      Mark gitk script executable

Andreas Gruenbacher (1):
      Clarify and extend the "git diff" format documentation

Andreas Köhler (1):
      submodule sync: Update "submodule.&lt;name&gt;.url" for empty directories

Andrew Waters (1):
      Fix handling of git-p4 on deleted files

Antonio Ospite (3):
      t/ fix stderr redirection in 'Invalid In-Reply-To'
      git-send-email.perl: make initial In-Reply-To apply only to first email
      t/ fix '&amp;&amp;' chain in some tests

Bert Wesarg (1):
      Documentation: update-index: -z applies also to --index-info

Björn Steinbrink (1):
      Correctly report corrupted objects

Brandon Casey (13):
      userdiff.c: add builtin fortran regex patterns
      t/t3903-stash: improve testing of git-stash show
      builtin/revert.c: don't dereference a NULL pointer
      wt-status.c: don't leak directory entries when processing untracked,ignored
      git-send-email.perl: ensure $domain is defined before using it
      diffcore-pickaxe.c: remove unnecessary curly braces
      diffcore-pickaxe.c: a void function shouldn't try to return something use octal not hex in awk script
      Makefile: add NO_FNMATCH_CASEFOLD to IRIX sections
      t9001: use older Getopt::Long boolean prefix '--no' rather than '--no-'
      trace.c: ensure NULL is not passed to printf
      t0001,t1510,t3301: use sane_unset which always returns with status 0
      t3032: limit sed branch labels to 8 characters

Brian Gernhardt (3):
      git-stash: fix flag parsing
      t/gitweb-lib: Don't pass constant to decode_utf8
      t6022: Use -eq not = to test output of wc -l

Christian Couder (1):
      t6050 (replace): fix bogus "fetch branch with replacement" test

Christoph Mallon (1):
      diff --check: correct line numbers of new blank lines at EOF

Christopher Wilson (1):
      Enable highlight executable path as a configuration option

Clemens Buchacher (15):
      add rebase patch id tests
      do not search functions for patch ID
      t7607: use test-lib functions and check MERGE_HEAD
      t7607: add leading-path tests
      add function check_ok_to_remove()
      lstat_cache: optionally return match_len
      do not overwrite files in leading path
      do not overwrite untracked during merge from unborn branch
      use persistent memory for rejected paths
      t7607: use test-lib functions and check MERGE_HEAD
      t7607: add leading-path tests
      add function check_ok_to_remove()
      lstat_cache: optionally return match_len
      do not overwrite files in leading path
      use persistent memory for rejected paths

Cliff Frey (1):
      documentation: git-config minor cleanups

Dan McGee (3):
      mergetool-lib: combine vimdiff and gvimdiff run blocks
      mergetool-lib: add a three-way diff view for vim/gvim
      mergetool-lib: make the three-way diff the default for vim/gvim

Daniel Knittl-Frank (1):
      Improvements to `git checkout -h`

David Barr (3):
      fast-import: Allow filemodify to set the root
      fast-import: insert new object entries at start of hash bucket
      fast-import: let importers retrieve blobs

David Kågedal (1):
      git-blame.el: Add (require 'format-spec)

Diego Elio Pettenò (1):
      imap-send: link against libcrypto for HMAC and others

Elijah Newren (54):
      Document pre-condition for tree_entry_interesting
      tree-walk: Correct bitrotted comment about tree_entry()
      tree_entry_interesting(): Make return value more specific
      diff_tree(): Skip skip_uninteresting() when all remaining paths interesting
      t3509: Add rename + D/F conflict testcase that recursive strategy fails
      merge-recursive: D/F conflicts where was_a_dir/file -&gt; was_a_dir
      t6032: Add a test checking for excessive output from merge
      t6022: Add test combinations of {content conflict?, D/F conflict remains?}
      t6022: Add tests for reversing order of merges when D/F conflicts present
      t6022: Add tests with both rename source &amp; dest involved in D/F conflicts
      t6022: Add paired rename+D/F conflict: (two/file, one/file) -&gt; (one, two)
      t6022: Add tests for rename/rename combined with D/F conflicts
      t6020: Modernize style a bit
      t6020: Add a testcase for modify/delete + directory/file conflict
      t6036: Test index and worktree state, not just that merge fails
      t6036: Add a second testcase similar to the first but with content changes
      t6036: Add testcase for undetected conflict
      merge-recursive: Small code clarification -- variable name and comments
      merge-recursive: Rename conflict_rename_rename*() for clarity
      merge-recursive: Nuke rename/directory conflict detection
      merge-recursive: Move rename/delete handling into dedicated function
      merge-recursive: Move delete/modify handling into dedicated function
      merge-recursive: Move process_entry's content merging into a function
      merge-recursive: New data structures for deferring of D/F conflicts
      merge-recursive: New function to assist resolving renames in-core only
      merge-recursive: Have process_entry() skip D/F or rename entries
      merge-recursive: Structure process_df_entry() to handle more cases
      merge-recursive: Update conflict_rename_rename_1to2() call signature
      merge-recursive: Update merge_content() call signature
      merge-recursive: Avoid doubly merging rename/add conflict contents
      merge-recursive: Move handling of double rename of one file to two
      merge-recursive: Move handling of double rename of one file to other file
      merge-recursive: Delay handling of rename/delete conflicts
      merge-recursive: Delay content merging for renames
      merge-recursive: Delay modify/delete conflicts if D/F conflict present
      conflict_rename_delete(): Check whether D/F conflicts are still present
      conflict_rename_rename_1to2(): Fix checks for presence of D/F conflicts
      merge_content(): Check whether D/F conflicts are still present
      handle_delete_modify(): Check whether D/F conflicts are still present
      merge-recursive: Make room for directories in D/F conflicts
      merge-recursive: Remove redundant path clearing for D/F conflicts
      t3020 (ls-files-error-unmatch): remove stray '1' from end of file
      t4017 (diff-retval): replace manual exit code check with test_expect_code
      t100[12] (read-tree-m-2way, read_tree_m_u_2way): add missing &amp;&amp;
      t4002 (diff-basic): use test_might_fail for commands that might fail
      t4202 (log): Replace '&lt;git-command&gt; || :' with test_might_fail
      t4019 (diff-wserror): add lots of missing &amp;&amp;
      t4026 (color): remove unneeded and unchained command
      t5602 (clone-remote-exec): add missing &amp;&amp;
      t6016 (rev-list-graph-simplify-history): add missing &amp;&amp;
      t7001 (mv): add missing &amp;&amp;
      t7601 (merge-pull-config): add missing &amp;&amp;
      t7800 (difftool): add missing &amp;&amp;
      Introduce sane_unset and use it to ensure proper &amp;&amp; chaining

Eric Sunshine (5):
      Side-step sed line-ending "corruption" leading to t6038 failure.
      Side-step MSYS-specific path "corruption" leading to t5560 failure.
      Fix 'clone' failure at DOS root directory.
      Fix Windows-specific macro redefinition warning.
      Add MinGW-specific execv() override.

Eric Wong (1):
      Documentation/git-svn: discourage "noMetadata"

Erik Faye-Lund (23):
      mingw: do not crash on open(NULL, ...)
      do not depend on signed integer overflow
      inet_ntop: fix a couple of old-style decls
      mingw: use real pid
      mingw: support waitpid with pid &gt; 0 and WNOHANG
      mingw: add kill emulation
      daemon: use run-command api for async serving
      daemon: use full buffered mode for stderr
      daemon: get remote host address from root-process
      mingw: import poll-emulation from gnulib
      mingw: use poll-emulation from gnulib
      daemon: use socklen_t
      daemon: make --inetd and --detach incompatible
      daemon: opt-out on features that require posix
      msvc: opendir: fix malloc-failure
      msvc: opendir: allocate enough memory
      msvc: opendir: do not start the search
      win32: dirent: handle errors
      msvc: opendir: handle paths ending with a slash
      win32: use our own dirent.h
      mingw: do not set errno to 0 on success
      help: always suggest common-cmds if prefix of cmd
      exec_cmd: remove unused extern

Federico Cuello (1):
      Fix git-apply with -p greater than 1

Gabriel Corona (2):
      t5550: test HTTP authentication and userinfo decoding
      Fix username and password extraction from HTTP URLs

Giuseppe Bilotta (16):
      gitweb: use fullname as hash_base in heads link
      gitweb: introduce remote_heads feature
      gitweb: git_get_heads_list accepts an optional list of refs
      gitweb: separate heads and remotes lists
      gitweb: nagivation menu for tags, heads and remotes
      gitweb: allow action specialization in page header
      gitweb: remotes view for a single remote
      gitweb: refactor repository URL printing
      gitweb: provide a routine to display (sub)sections
      gitweb: group remote heads by remote
      git instaweb: enable remote_heads
      web--browse: coding style
      web--browse: split valid_tool list
      web--browse: support opera, seamonkey and elinks
      web--browse: better support for chromium
      CodingGuidelines: mention whitespace preferences for shell scripts

Greg Brockman (4):
      Allow creation of arbitrary git-shell commands
      Add interactive mode to git-shell for user-friendliness
      Add sample commands for git-shell
      shell: Display errors from improperly-formatted command lines

Ilari Liusvaara (4):
      Add bidirectional_transfer_loop()
      remote-fd/ext: finishing touches after code review

Jakub Narebski (14):
      t/ Use GIT_BUILD_DIR
      t/ Use tabs for indent consistently
      gitweb: Move call to evaluate_git_version after evaluate_gitweb_config
      t/ Add support for GITWEB_TEST_INSTALLED
      gitweb/Makefile: Add 'test' and 'test-installed' targets
      gitweb/Makefile: Include gitweb/config.mak
      gitweb: Fix test of highlighting support in t9500
      gitweb: Fix bug in evaluate_path_info
      gitweb: Improve behavior for actionless path_info gitweb URLs
      gitweb: Time::HiRes is in core for Perl 5.8
      gitweb: selectable configurations that change with each request
      gitweb: Fix handling of whitespace in generated links
      gitweb: Introduce esc_attr to escape attributes of HTML elements
      gitweb: Include links to feeds in HTML header only for '200 OK' response

Jan Krüger (3):
      read-tree: deprecate syntax without tree-ish args
      repack: add -F flag to let user choose between --no-reuse-delta/object
      Documentation: pack.compression: explain how to recompress

Jari Aalto (2):
      git-commit.txt: (synopsis): move -i and -o before "--"
      git-pull.txt: Mention branch.autosetuprebase

Jeff King (27):
      diff: don't use pathname-based diff drivers for symlinks
      prefer test -h over test -L in shell scripts
      rev-list: handle %x00 NUL in user format
      tests: factor out terminal handling from t7006
      tests: test terminal output to both stdout and stderr
      push: pass --progress down to git-pack-objects
      docs: give more hints about how "add -e" works
      config: treat non-existent config files as empty
      diff: report bogus input to -C/-M/-B
      apply: don't segfault on binary files with missing data
      docs: clarify git diff modes of operation
      docs: give more hints about how "add -e" works
      document sigchain api
      log.decorate: accept 0/1 bool values
      allow command-specific pagers in pager.&lt;cmd&gt;
      reflogs: clear flags properly in corner case
      docs: default to more modern toolset
      default color.status.branch to "same as header"
      tests: add some script lint checks
      tests: flip executable bit on t9158
      handle arbitrary ints in git_config_maybe_bool
      t2107: mark passing test as success
      ident: die on bogus date format
      docs: explain diff.*.binary option
      rebase: use explicit "--" with checkout
      rebase: give a better error message for bogus branch
      tests: sanitize more git environment variables

Jens Lehmann (6):
      pull: Remove --tags option from manpage
      clone: Add the --recurse-submodules option as alias for --recursive
      fetch/pull: Add the --recurse-submodules option
      Add the 'fetch.recurseSubmodules' config setting
      Submodules: Add the "fetchRecurseSubmodules" config option
      git submodule: Remove now obsolete tests before cloning a repo

Jiang Xin (1):
      Fix typo in git-gc document.

Jim Meyering (1):
      mailmap: fix use of freed memory

Joe Perches (2):
      git-send-email.perl: Add --to-cmd
      git-send-email.perl: Deduplicate "to:" and "cc:" entries with names

Johan Herland (23):
      notes.c: Hexify SHA1 in die() message from init_notes()
      (trivial) notes.h: Minor documentation fixes to copy_notes()
      notes.h: Make default_notes_ref() available in notes API
      notes.c: Reorder functions in preparation for next commit
      notes.h/c: Allow combine_notes functions to remove notes
      notes.h/c: Propagate combine_notes_fn return value to add_note() and beyond
      (trivial) t3303: Indent with tabs instead of spaces for consistency
      notes.c: Use two newlines (instead of one) when concatenating notes
      builtin/notes.c: Split notes ref DWIMmery into a separate function
      git notes merge: Initial implementation handling trivial merges only
      builtin/notes.c: Refactor creation of notes commits.
      git notes merge: Handle real, non-conflicting notes merges
      git notes merge: Add automatic conflict resolvers (ours, theirs, union)
      Documentation: Preliminary docs on 'git notes merge'
      git notes merge: Manual conflict resolution, part 1/2
      git notes merge: Manual conflict resolution, part 2/2
      git notes merge: List conflicting notes in notes merge commit message
      git notes merge: --commit should fail if underlying notes ref has moved
      git notes merge: Add another auto-resolving strategy: "cat_sort_uniq"
      git notes merge: Add testcases for merging notes trees at different fanouts
      Provide 'git notes get-ref' to easily retrieve current notes ref
      cmd_merge(): Parse options before checking MERGE_HEAD
      Provide 'git merge --abort' as a synonym to 'git reset --merge'

Johannes Schindelin (3):
      Make sure that git_getpass() never returns NULL
      Fix typo in pack-objects' usage
      merge-octopus: Work around environment issue on Windows

Johannes Sixt (6):
      t7300: add a missing SYMLINKS prerequisite
      apply --whitespace=fix: fix tab-in-indent
      Make the tab width used for whitespace checks configurable
      Avoid duplicate test number t7609
      Fix expected values of setup tests on Windows
      t/README: hint about using $(pwd) rather than $PWD in tests

Jon Seymour (2):
      stash: fix git stash branch regression when branch creation fails
      stash: simplify parsing fixes

Jonathan "Duke" Leto (1):
      Correct help blurb in checkout -p and friends

Jonathan Nieder (89):
      merge-recursive: expose merge options for builtin merge
      ll-merge: replace flag argument with options struct
      t0004 (unwritable files): simplify error handling
      environment.c: remove unused variable
      setup: make sure git dir path is in a permanent buffer
      init: plug tiny one-time memory leak
      xdiff: cast arguments for ctype functions to unsigned char
      commit-tree: free commit message before exiting
      Documentation: No argument of ALLOC_GROW should have side-effects
      Documentation: gitrevisions is in section 7
      Documentation: diff can compare blobs
      Documentation: expand 'git diff' SEE ALSO section
      Documentation: update implicit "--no-index" behavior in "git diff"
      t4203 (mailmap): stop hardcoding commit ids and dates
      send-pack: avoid redundant "pack-objects died with strange error"
      test-lib: allow test code to check the list of declared prerequisites
      test_terminal: catch use without TTY prerequisite
      test_terminal: ensure redirections work reliably
      fast-import: filemodify after M 040000 &lt;tree&gt; "" crashes
      fast-import: tighten M 040000 syntax
      t9300 (fast-import): another test for the "replace root" feature
      fast-import: do not clear notes in do_change_note_fanout()
      user-manual: remote-tracking can be checked out, with detached HEAD
      Documentation: document show -s
      tests: add missing &amp;&amp;
      tests: add missing &amp;&amp;, batch 2
      test-lib: introduce test_line_count to measure files
      t6022 (renaming merge): chain test commands with &amp;&amp;
      t1502 (rev-parse --parseopt): test exit code from "-h"
      t1400 (update-ref): use test_must_fail
      t3301 (notes): use test_expect_code for clarity
      t3404 (rebase -i): unroll test_commit loops
      t3404 (rebase -i): move comment to description
      t3404 (rebase -i): introduce helper to check position of HEAD
      t4124 (apply --whitespace): use test_might_fail
      apply: handle patches with funny filename and colon in timezone
      cherry-pick/revert: transparently refresh index
      wrapper: move xmmap() to sha1_file.c
      wrapper: move odb_* to environment.c
      path helpers: move git_mkstemp* to wrapper.c
      strbuf: move strbuf_branchname to sha1_name.c
      wrapper: give zlib wrappers their own translation unit
      pack-objects: mark file-local variable static
      Remove pack file handling dependency from wrapper.o
      Documentation: split gitignore page into sections
      Documentation: point to related commands from gitignore
      Describe various forms of "be quiet" using OPT__QUIET
      vcs-svn: Error out for v3 dumps
      fast-import: treat SIGUSR1 as a request to access objects early
      git-rev-parse.txt: clarify --git-dir
      gitweb: document $per_request_config better
      fast-import: stricter parsing of integer options
      fast-import: clarify documentation of "feature" command
      fast-import: Allow cat-blob requests at arbitrary points in stream
      add: introduce add.ignoreerrors synonym for add.ignore-errors
      Documentation: do not misinterpret pull refspec as bold text
      git submodule -b ... of current HEAD fails
      Makefile: dependencies for vcs-svn tests
      parse-options: clearer reporting of API misuse
      parse-options: move NODASH sanity checks to parse_options_check
      parse-options: sanity check PARSE_OPT_NOARG flag
      parse-options: never suppress arghelp if LITERAL_ARGHELP is set
      parse-options: allow git commands to invent new option types
      parse-options: make resuming easier after PARSE_OPT_STOP_AT_NON_OPTION
      update-index: migrate to parse-options API
      treap: make treap_insert return inserted node
      vcs-svn: fix intermittent repo_tree corruption
      Makefile: transport-helper uses thread-utils.h
      t9300: avoid short reads from dd
      bash: simple reimplementation of _get_comp_words_by_ref
      t9300: use perl "head -c" clone in place of "dd bs=1 count=16000" kluge
      t0050: fix printf format strings for portability
      t0001: test git init when run via an alias
      diff: funcname and word patterns for perl
      gitweb: skip logo in atom feed when there is none
      gitweb: make logo optional
      daemon: support &lt;directory&gt; arguments again
      t9010: svnadmin can fail even if available
      ll-merge: simplify opts == NULL case
      Documentation/fast-import: capitalize beginning of sentence
      remote-ext: do not segfault for blank lines
      Documentation/fast-import: put explanation of M 040000 &lt;dataref&gt; "" in context
      tests: cosmetic improvements to the repo-setup test
      tests: compress the setup tests
      Documentation: do not treat reset --keep as a special case
      Subject: setup: officially support --work-tree without --git-dir
      t1510: fix typo in the comment of a test
      fast-import: treat filemodify with empty tree as delete
      rebase -i: clarify in-editor documentation of "exec"

Joshua Jensen (6):
      Add string comparison functions that respect the ignore_case variable.
      Case insensitivity support for .gitignore via core.ignorecase
      Add case insensitivity support for directories when using git status
      Add case insensitivity support when using git ls-files
      Support case folding for git add when core.ignorecase=true
      Support case folding in git fast-import when core.ignorecase=true

Junio C Hamano (59):
      gitdiffcore doc: update pickaxe description
      diff: pass the entire diff-options to diffcore_pickaxe()
      git log/diff: add -G&lt;regexp&gt; that greps in the patch text
      diff/log -G&lt;pattern&gt;: tests
      grep: move logic to compile header pattern into a separate helper
      log --author: take union of multiple "author" requests
      disallow branch names that start with a hyphen
      CodingGuidelines: spell Arithmetic Expansion with $(($var))
      MinGW: avoid collisions between "tags" and "TAGS"
      Start 1.7.4 cycle
      merge-recursive: Restructure showing how to chain more process_* functions
      Martin Langhoff has a new e-mail address
      Make test script t9157 executable
      CodingGuidelines: reword parameter expansion section
      shell portability: no "export VAR=VAL"
      t4203: do not let "git shortlog" DWIM based on tty
      merge-recursive:make_room_for_directories - work around dumb compilers
      core.abbrevguard: Ensure short object names stay unique a bit longer
      read_sha1_file(): report correct name of packfile with a corrupt object
      A loose object is not corrupt if it cannot be read due to EMFILE
      t9001: send-email interation with --in-reply-to and --chain-reply-to
      test: git-apply -p2 rename/chmod only
      t3404: do not use 'describe' to implement test_cmp_rev
      t3402: test "rebase -s&lt;strategy&gt; -X&lt;opt&gt;"
      Update draft release notes to 1.7.4
      Documentation: Fix mark-up of lines with more than one tilde
      Update draft release notes to 1.7.4
      t9300: remove unnecessary use of /dev/stdin
      t9119: do not compare "Text Last Updated" line from "svn info"
      Do not link with -lcrypto under NO_OPENSSL
      t9010 fails when no svn is available
      get_sha1: teach ":$n:&lt;path&gt;" the same relative path logic
      Documentation/git.txt: update list of maintenance releases
      fetch_populated_submodules(): document dynamic allocation
      thread-utils.h: simplify the inclusion
      Prepare for
      Relnotes: remove items fixed on 'maint'
      get_sha1_oneline: fix lifespan rule of temp_commit_buffer variable
      Prepare for
      Update draft release notes to 1.7.4
      commit: die before asking to edit the log message
      set_try_to_free_routine(NULL) means "do nothing special"
      am --abort: keep unrelated commits since the last failure and warn
      t0021: avoid getting filter killed with SIGPIPE
      rebase --skip: correctly wrap-up when skipping the last patch
      userdiff/perl: catch BEGIN/END/... and POD as headers
      Prepare for
      Git 1.7.4-rc0
      Git 1.7.4-rc1
      Git 1.7.4-rc2
      Documentation updates for 'GIT_WORK_TREE without GIT_DIR' historical usecase
      Git 1.7.4-rc3
      Git 1.7.4

Justin Frankel (2):
      merge-recursive --patience
      merge-recursive: options to ignore whitespace changes

Kevin Ballard (13):
      merge-recursive: option to specify rename threshold
      diff: add synonyms for -M, -C, -B
      completion: Support the DWIM mode for git checkout
      blame: Add option to show author email instead of name
      Update test script to handle missing/extra authors
      test-lib: extend test_decode_color to handle more color codes
      diff: handle lines containing only whitespace and tabs better
      submodule: preserve all arguments exactly when recursing
      submodule: only preserve flags across recursive status/update invocations
      status: Quote paths with spaces in short format
      rebase: better rearranging of fixup!/squash! lines with --autosquash
      rebase: teach --autosquash to match on sha1 in addition to message
      diff: add --detect-copies-harder as a synonym for --find-copies-harder

Kevin P. Fleming (1):
      post-receive-email: ensure sent messages are not empty

Kirill Smelkov (8):
      gitk: Show notes by default (like git log does)
      user-manual: be consistent in illustrations to 'git rebase'
      blame,cat-file: Prepare --textconv tests for correctly-failing conversion program
      blame,cat-file: Demonstrate --textconv is wrongly running converter on symlinks
      blame,cat-file --textconv: Don't assume mode is ``S_IFREF | 0664''
      setup: make sure git_dir path is in a permanent buffer, getenv(3) case
      t/t8006: Demonstrate blame is broken when cachetextconv is on
      fill_textconv(): Don't get/put cache if sha1 is not valid

Linus Torvalds (1):
      Fix missing 'does' in man-page for 'git checkout'

Mark Lodato (3):
      completion: make compatible with zsh
      completion: fix zsh check under bash with 'set -u'
      fsck docs: remove outdated and useless diagnostic

Markus Duft (2):
      add support for the SUA layer (interix; windows)
      Interix: add configure checks

Martin Storsjö (1):
      Improve the mingw getaddrinfo stub to handle more use cases

Martin von Zweigbergk (7):
      rebase -X: do not clobber strategy
      Documentation/git-pull: clarify configuration
      rebase: support --verify
      rebase --abort: do not update branch ref
      rebase: only show stat if configured to true
      Use reflog in 'pull --rebase . foo'
      completion: add missing configuration variables

Mathias Lafeldt (1):
      git-svn: fix processing of decorated commit hashes

Matthieu Moy (12):
      update comment and documentation for :/foo syntax
      diff: trivial fix for --output file error message
      Better "Changed but not updated" message in git-status
      Replace "remote tracking" with "remote-tracking"
      Change remote tracking to remote-tracking in non-trivial places
      everyday.txt: change "tracking branch" to "remote-tracking branch"
      Change "tracking branch" to "remote-tracking branch"
      Change incorrect uses of "remote branch" meaning "remote-tracking"
      Change incorrect "remote branch" to "remote tracking branch" in C code
      user-manual.txt: explain better the remote(-tracking) branch terms
      git-branch.txt: mention --set-upstream as a way to change upstream configuration
      commit: suggest --amend --reset-author to fix commiter identity

Michael J Gruber (26):
      git-reset.txt: clarify branch vs. branch head
      git-reset.txt: reset does not change files in target
      git-reset.txt: reset --soft is not a no-op
      git-reset.txt: use "working tree" consistently
      git-reset.txt: point to git-checkout
      git-reset.txt: make modes description more consistent
      remote-helpers: build in platform independent directory
      contrib/completion: --no-index option to git diff
      user-manual: fix anchor name Finding-comments-With-given-Content
      rev-list-options: clarify --parents and --children
      t5503: fix typo
      git-show-ref.txt: clarify the pattern matching
      test: allow running the tests under "prove"
      t/t7004-tag: test handling of rfc1991 signatures
      verify-tag: factor out signature detection
      tag: factor out sig detection for body edits
      tag: factor out sig detection for tag display
      tag: recognize rfc1991 signatures
      cvsimport: partial whitespace cleanup
      git-rm.txt: Fix quoting
      t800? retitle uniquely
      git-difftool.txt: correct the description of $BASE and describe $MERGED
      difftool: provide basename to external tools
      t1020-subdirectory: test alias expansion in a subdirectory
      cvsimport: handle the parsing of uppercase config options
      RelNotes/1.7.4: minor fixes

Mike Pape (3):
      mingw: add network-wrappers for daemon
      mingw: implement syslog
      compat: add inet_pton and inet_ntop prototypes

Nathan W. Panike (1):
      Fix a formatting error in git-merge.txt

Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy (68):
      branch -h: show usage even in an invalid repository
      checkout-index -h: show usage even in an invalid repository
      commit/status -h: show usage even with broken configuration
      gc -h: show usage even with broken configuration
      ls-files -h: show usage even with corrupt index
      merge -h: show usage even with corrupt index
      update-index -h: show usage even with corrupt index
      dir.c: fix EXC_FLAG_MUSTBEDIR match in sparse checkout
      add: do not rely on dtype being NULL behavior
      clean: avoid quoting twice
      clean: remove redundant variable baselen
      get_cwd_relative(): do not misinterpret root path
      builtins: print setup info if repo is found
      Add t1510 and basic rules that run repo setup
      t1510: setup case #0
      t1510: setup case #1
      t1510: setup case #2
      t1510: setup case #3
      t1510: setup case #4
      t1510: setup case #5
      t1510: setup case #6
      t1510: setup case #7
      t1510: setup case #8
      t1510: setup case #9
      t1510: setup case #10
      t1510: setup case #11
      t1510: setup case #12
      t1510: setup case #13
      t1510: setup case #14
      t1510: setup case #15
      t1510: setup case #16
      t1510: setup case #17
      t1510: setup case #18
      t1510: setup case #19
      t1510: setup case #20
      t1510: setup case #21
      t1510: setup case #22
      t1510: setup case #23
      t1510: setup case #24
      t1510: setup case #25
      t1510: setup case #26
      t1510: setup case #27
      t1510: setup case #28
      t1510: setup case #29
      t1510: setup case #30
      t1510: setup case #31
      cache.h: realign and use (1 &lt;&lt; x) form for CE_* constants
      dir.c: add free_excludes()
      unpack-trees: move all skip-worktree checks back to unpack_trees()
      entry.c: remove "checkout-index" from error messages
      unpack-trees: fix sparse checkout's "unable to match directories"
      Revert "excluded_1(): support exclude files in index"
      setup: save prefix (original cwd relative to toplevel) in startup_info
      Make prefix_path() return char* without const
      get_sha1: support relative path ":path" syntax
      get_sha1_oneline: make callers prepare the commit list to traverse
      get_sha1: support $commit^{/regex} syntax
      get_sha1: handle special case $commit^{/}
      Add git_config_early()
      Use git_config_early() instead of git_config() during repo setup
      setup: limit get_git_work_tree()'s to explicit setup case only
      setup: clean up setup_bare_git_dir()
      setup: clean up setup_discovered_git_dir()
      setup: rework setup_explicit_git_dir()
      Remove all logic from get_git_work_tree()
      Revert "Documentation: always respect core.worktree if set"
      git.txt: correct where --work-tree path is relative to
      setup_work_tree: adjust relative $GIT_WORK_TREE after moving cwd

Nicolas Pitre (2):
      diff: don't presume empty file when corresponding object is missing
      make pack-objects a bit more resilient to repo corruption

Pascal Obry (3):
      Minor indentation fix.
      Remove @smtp_host_parts variable as not used.
      New send-email option smtpserveroption.

Pat Notz (8):
      strbuf.h: fix comment typo
      dir.c: squelch false uninitialized memory warning
      commit: helper methods to reduce redundant blocks of code
      pretty.c: teach format_commit_message() to reencode the output
      commit: --fixup option for use with rebase --autosquash
      add tests of commit --fixup
      commit: --squash option for use with rebase --autosquash
      add tests of commit --squash

Pat Thoyts (13):
      MinGW: fix stat() and lstat() implementations for handling symlinks
      MinGW: Report errors when failing to launch the html browser.
      Skip t1300.70 and 71 on msysGit.
      Do not strip CR when grepping HTTP headers.
      Skip 'git archive --remote' test on msysGit
      git-am: fix detection of absolute paths for windows
      git-gui: show command-line errors in a messagebox on Windows
      git-gui: enable the Tk console when tracing/debugging on Windows
      git-gui: generic version trimming
      git-gui: use full dialog width for old name when renaming branch
      git-gui: correct assignment of work-tree
      git-gui: use wordprocessor tab style to ensure tabs work as expected
      git-gui: apply color information from git diff output

Pete Wyckoff (1):
      convert filter: supply path to external driver

Peter Krefting (1):
      gitk: Update Swedish translation (290t)

Peter van der Does (1):
      bash: get --pretty=m&lt;tab&gt; completion to work with bash v4

Petr Onderka (1):
      Add global and system-wide gitattributes

Ralf Thielow (1):
      commit.c: Remove backward goto in read_craft_line()

Ralf Wildenhues (1):
      Fix typos in the documentation

Ramkumar Ramachandra (11):
      shell: Rewrite documentation and improve error message
      t4014-format-patch: Call test_tick before committing
      format-patch: Don't go over merge commits
      fmt_merge_msg: Change fmt_merge_msg API to accept shortlog_len
      merge: Make '--log' an integer option for number of shortlog entries
      merge: Make 'merge.log' an integer or boolean option
      t6200-fmt-merge-msg: Exercise 'merge.log' to configure shortlog length
      t6200-fmt-merge-msg: Exercise '--log' to configure shortlog length
      SubmittingPatches: Document some extra tags used in commit messages
      Porcelain scripts: Rewrite cryptic "needs update" error message
      t9010 (svn-fe): Eliminate dependency on svn perl bindings

Ramsay Allan Jones (20):
      t1503: Fix arithmetic expansion syntax error when using dash
      msvc: Fix compilation errors in compat/win32/sys/poll.c
      msvc: git-daemon.exe: Fix linker "unresolved externals" error
      msvc: Fix build by adding missing INTMAX_MAX define
      msvc: Fix macro redefinition warnings Don't pass a non-existent prereq to test #15
      t9142: Move call to start_httpd into the setup test Avoid setting web server variables unnecessarily Add check for mis-configured web server variables
      t9501-*.sh: Fix a test failure on Cygwin
      difftool: Fix failure on Cygwin
      t3419-*.sh: Fix arithmetic expansion syntax error Move web-server handling code into separate function
      t9157-*.sh: Add an svn version check
      t6038-*.sh: Pass the -b (--binary) option to sed on cygwin
      t3032-*.sh: Pass the -b (--binary) option to sed on cygwin
      t3032-*.sh: Do not strip CR from line-endings while grepping on MinGW
      t4135-*.sh: Skip the "backslash" tests on cygwin
      t9157-*.sh: Make the svn version check more precise
      svndump.c: Fix a printf format compiler warning

René Scharfe (10):
      diff: avoid repeated scanning while looking for funcname
      work around buggy S_ISxxx(m) implementations
      add description parameter to OPT__VERBOSE
      add description parameter to OPT__DRY_RUN
      add description parameter to OPT__QUIET
      add OPT__FORCE
      archive: improve --verbose description
      branch: improve --verbose description
      verify-tag: document --verbose
      close file on error in read_mmfile()

Robin H. Johnson (2):
      Fix false positives in t3404 due to SHELL=/bin/false
      t9001: Fix test prerequisites

SZEDER Gábor (7):
      bisect: improve error message of 'bisect log' while not bisecting
      bisect: improve error msg of 'bisect reset' when original HEAD is deleted
      bisect: check for mandatory argument of 'bisect replay'
      bash: offer refs for 'git bisect start'
      bash: not all 'git bisect' subcommands make sense when not bisecting
      bash: support more 'git notes' subcommands and their options
      bash: support pretty format aliases

Santi Béjar (1):
      parse-remote: handle detached HEAD

Schalk, Ken (1):
      t3030: Add a testcase for resolvable rename/add conflict with symlinks

Sebastian Schuberth (3):
      MinGW: Use pid_t more consequently, introduce uid_t for greater compatibility
      MinGW: Add missing file mode bit defines
      On Windows, avoid git-gui to call Cygwin's nice utility

Shawn O. Pearce (2):
      Use git_open_noatime when accessing pack data
      Work around EMFILE when there are too many pack files

Stefan Haller (2):
      gitk: Prevent the text pane from becoming editable
      gitk: Make text selectable on Mac

Stephen Boyd (4):
      send-email: Use To: headers in patch files
      send-email: Don't leak To: headers between patches
      parse-options: Don't call parse_options_check() so much
      parse-options: do not infer PARSE_OPT_NOARG from option type

StephenB (1):
      git svn: fix the final example in man page

Steven Walter (2):
      git-svn: check_cherry_pick should exclude commits already in our history
      git-svn: allow the mergeinfo property to be set

Sven Eckelmann (1):
      contrib/ciabot: git-describe commit instead of HEAD

Sylvain Rabot (2):
      gitweb: add extensions to highlight feature map
      gitweb: remove unnecessary test when closing file descriptor

Tay Ray Chuan (14):
      smart-http: Don't change POST to GET when following redirect
      t5523-push-upstream: add function to ensure fresh upstream repo
      t5523-push-upstream: test progress messages
      format-patch: page output with --stdout
      t5550-http-fetch: add missing '&amp;&amp;'
      t5550-http-fetch: add test for http-fetch
      shift end_url_with_slash() from http.[ch] to url.[ch]
      url: add str wrapper for end_url_with_slash()
      http-backend: use end_url_with_slash()
      http-push: Normalise directory names when pushing to some WebDAV servers
      http-push: check path length before using it
      http-push: add trailing slash at arg-parse time, instead of later on
      http-fetch: rework url handling
      bash completion: add basic support for git-reflog

Thiago Farina (3):
      commit: Add commit_list prefix in two function names.
      builtin/branch.c: Use ALLOC_GROW instead of alloc_nr and xrealloc.
      builtin/rm.c: Use ALLOC_GROW instead of alloc_nr and xrealloc.

Thomas Rast (12):
      send-email: Refuse to send cover-letter template subject
      prefix_filename(): safely handle the case where pfx_len=0
      merge-file: correctly find files when called in subdir
      repack: place temporary packs under .git/objects/pack/
      {cvs,svn}import: use the new 'git read-tree --empty'
      t0003: properly quote $HOME
      gitk: Add the equivalent of diff --color-words
      userdiff: fix typo in ruby and python word regexes
      Documentation/git-archive: spell --worktree-attributes correctly
      Documentation/githooks: post-rewrite-copy-notes never existed
      submodule: fix relative url parsing for scp-style origin
      t0000: quote TAP snippets in test code

Tomas Carnecky (1):
      stash drops the stash even if creating the branch fails because it already exists

Tony Luck (1):
      Better advice on using topic branches for kernel development

Torsten Bögershausen (1):
      t9143: do not fail when unhandled.log.gz is not created

Uwe Kleine-König (2):
      get_author_ident_from_commit(): remove useless quoting
      Documentation/git-clone: describe --mirror more verbosely

Vasyl' Vavrychuk (1):
      trace.c: mark file-local function static

Wesley J. Landaker (1):
      Documentation: Refer to git-commit-tree in git-filter-branch help

Yann Dirson (5):
      t/t3415: use &amp;&amp; where applicable.
      Fix copy-pasted comments related to tree diff handling.
      Keep together options controlling the behaviour of diffcore-rename.
      Document that rev-list --graph triggers parent rewriting.
      diff: use "find" instead of "detect" as prefix for long forms of -M and -C

knittl (1):
      bash: Match lightweight tags in prompt

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (25):
      send-email: use catfile() to concatenate files
      Makefile: add CC to TRACK_CFLAGS
      perl: bump the required Perl version to 5.8 from 5.6.[21]
      perl: use "use warnings" instead of -w
      send-email: use lexical filehandle for opendir
      send-email: use lexical filehandles for $compose
      send-email: use lexical filehandles during sending
      send-email: get_patch_subject doesn't need a prototype
      send-email: file_declares_8bit_cte doesn't need a prototype
      send-email: unique_email_list doesn't need a prototype
      send-email: cleanup_compose_files doesn't need a prototype
      send-email: use \E***\Q instead of \*\*\*
      send-email: sanitize_address use $foo, not "$foo"
      send-email: sanitize_address use qq["foo"], not "\"foo\""
      send-email: use (?:) instead of () if no match variables are needed
      send-email: send_message die on $!, not $?
      send-email: make_message_id use "require" instead of "use"
      send-email: use Perl idioms in while loop
      send-email: is_rfc2047_quoted use qr// regexes
      send-email: extract_valid_address use qr// regexes
      Makefile &amp; configure: add a NO_FNMATCH flag
      Makefile &amp; configure: add a NO_FNMATCH_CASEFOLD flag
      test-lib: make test_expect_code a test command re-arrange git tag comment for clarity
      tests: use test_cmp instead of piping to diff(1)

Štěpán Němec (8):
      Use angles for placeholders consistently
      Fix odd markup in --diff-filter documentation
      Use parentheses and `...' where appropriate
      Remove stray quotes in --pretty and --format documentation
      Put a space between `&lt;' and argument in pack-objects usage string
      Fix {update,checkout}-index usage strings
      CodingGuidelines: Add a section on writing documentation
      diff,difftool: Don't use the {0,2} notation in usage strings

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