CGIT 0.9

A long overdue feature-relase of cgit, a web interface to git
repositories, is now available at

Executive summary:
* support for side-by-side diffs
* support for repo content in “about” view
* improved integration with gitolite/gitweb
* support for git notes in commit/log view
* support for graph in log view (similar to git log –graph)
* improved handling/display of path filters
* clients can modify diff view parameters
* support for directory listings in plain view
* support for remote branches
* support for range searches in log view (like ‘git log master ^stable)
* support for expansion of environment vars in certain cgitrc options,
which can simplify virtual hosting

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Shortlog since v0.8.3.5:

Aaron Griffin (2):
Add all=1 query param for atom feeds
Add max-atom-items config variable

Alexey Nezhdanov (1):
ui-tag: add snapshot links

Andreas Wiese (1):
Add .tar.xz-snapshot support

Bernhard Reutner-Fischer (3):
implement repo.logo and repo.logo-link
ssdiff: anchors for ssdiff
Use transparent background for the cgit logo

Chris Mayo (1):
Use committer date for atom feed entry updated element

Felix Hanley (1):
Add strict-export option

Georg Lukas (3):
syntax highlighting for all formats supported by “highlight”
cgit.css: highlight directories in tree
“max-blob-size” config var to limit generated HTML size

Jason A. Donenfeld (4):
Add support for project-list option
Add support for remove-suffix option
Add support for enable-gitweb-owner option
Support refspecs in about-filter.

Jeff Smith (3): Seperate the expressions for filtering commit messages.
ui-commit: Display git notes when present
ui-log: Display git notes when present

Johan Herland (31):
Fix small typo in cgitrc example
Remove unused variable in shared.c
ui-shared: Improve const-ness in API
ui-shared: Remove needless cgit_get_cmd() call, and refactor
hc() accordingly
struct cgit_cmd: Differentiate between various usages of ctx.qry.path
ui-shared: Replace ctx.qry.path with ctx.qry.vpath
ui-shared: Display path limit directly beneath tab bar in relevant pages
ui-shared: Teach “breadcrumb” navigation to path limit display
beneath tab bar
ui-tree: Remove unnecessary path breadcrumb navigation
ui-diff: Teach diffstat to obey path limit
ui-commit: Limit diff based on path limit in qry.path
ui-patch: Apply path limit to generated patch
ui-commit: Preserve path limit in links to tree and diff pages
ui-commit: Preserve path limit in links to commit page
ui-shared: Preserve path limit in “tab bar” links
ui-log: Preserve path limit in outgoing links
Fix style of commit-filter links in commit-subject.
Add URL parameter context for changing the number of context
lines in diffs
ui-diff: Add links to increase/decrease number of context lines in diffs
Add URL parameter ignorews for optionally ignoring whitespace in diffs
ui-diff: Add link to ignore/show whitespace changes in diffs
ui-log: Fix filecount/linecount when path limit is in effect
ui-log: Prevent crash when given empty range search
ui-stats: Remove unnecessary #include
ui-log: Change display of full commit messages (and notes)
ui-log: Implement support for commit graphs
ui-log: Colorize commit graph
ui-log: Line-wrap long commit subjects when showmsg is enabled
ui-log: Move Age column when commit graph is present
scan_path(): Improve handling of inaccessible directories
scan_path(): Do not recurse into hidden directories by default

Kamil Kaminski (1):
Fix a typo in README, s/ExecCGI/+ExecCGI

Lars Hjemli (23):
ui-tag: make output more similar to commit view
ui-shared.c: prettify download links when generated from tag page
Add support for remote branches
Optionally generate verbose parent links
Use GIT-1.7.0
scan-tree: add test for noweb-file in repo dir
ui-tree: add link to plain view for blobs in tree listing
Add support for environment variable expansion
ui-shared.c: path-limit style nitpick
ui-log.c: allow commit range as search expression
Use GIT-
Add support for “readme” option
Add support for section-from-path option
Use GIT-1.7.3
Makefile: add -MP option
Append path and branch to atom feed title
Makefile: avoid spurious rebuilds of git sources due to sudo make
Add vector utility functions
ui-log.c: improve handling of range-search argument
html.c: use + to escape spaces in urls
Use GIT-1.7.4
CGIT 0.9

Lukasz Janyst (1):
ui-diff.c: avoid html injection

Lynn Lin (1):
Makefile: do not include dependency-file on make clean

Mark Lodato (9):
ui-plain: remove unused curr_rev variable
ui-plain: more efficient walk_tree()
ui-plain: print directory listings
html: make all strings const char *
html: properly percent-escape URLs
use attribute to catch printf format mistakes
fix errors in printf-style format strings
ui-repolist: fix redefinition of _XOPEN_SOURCE
prefer html_raw() to write()

Mikhail Gusarov (1):
Add NO_OPENSSL option

Ragnar Ouchterlony (5):
First version of side-by-side diff.
Add possibility to switch between unidiff and side-by-side-diff.
Polishing of how the side-by-side diff looks.
Fixed side-by-side diff bugs related to binary diff and more.
In side-by-side diff, add support for marking individual characters.

Stefan Bühler (1):
Skip leading “/” in url querystring value

Stefan Naewe (1):
display subject instead of sha1 as link title of parents

Todd Zullinger (5):
Generalize doc generation
Add Makefile targets to install/uninstall docs
Install filter scripts
cgit.css: Add syntax highlighting entries
Use in documentation, per RFC 2606


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