Here’s an updated tig, which fixes an incompatibility with ncurses 2.8.
I also decided to merge my side project to rewrite the revision graph
renderer. It’s far from finished but nice and colorful in its current
shape, and should be more hackable too.

What is tig?

Tig is an ncurses-based text-mode interface for git. It functions mainly
as a git repository browser, but can also assist in staging changes for
commit at chunk level and act as a pager for output from various git

Release notes


  • Start rewrite of the revision graph renderer. Three modes are
    supported UTF-8, ncurses line graphics, and ASCII. Also, enable
    revision graph rendering by default.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix ncurses 2.8 issue by passing non-zero column size to newwin(1).

  • Fix opening of diffs when browsing branches.

Change summary

The diffstat and log summary for changes made in this release.

.gitignore                |    1 +
Makefile                  |   13 +-
NEWS                      |   14 +
VERSION                   |    2 +-
config.make.in            |    2 +-
configure.ac              |   23 +-
contrib/aspell.dict       |   14 +-
contrib/ax_with_curses.m4 |  122 +++
graph.c                   |  410 +++++++++
graph.h                   |   73 ++
io.c                      |  441 ++++++++++
io.h                      |   76 ++
manual.txt                |    1 +
test-graph.c              |  106 +++
tig.c                     | 1746 ++++++++-----------------------------
tig.h                     |  459 ++++++++++
tigrc.5.txt               |   13 +-
17 files changed, 2103 insertions(+), 1413 deletions(-)

Jonas Fonseca (13):
Improve viewing of diffs when browsing branches
Rename opt_*args to opt*_argv
Add possiblity to pass data to io_load property reader
Refactor option parsing error handling to use error codes
Unify option toggling
Use AX_WITH_CURSES from GNU autoconf archive to detect ncurses
Reduce the number of windows to max two by sharing them between all views
Remove unnecessary braces
Remove draw_text()s trim parameter
Move includes, macros and core utilities to tig.h
Move IO API to src/io.[ch]
Rewrite the revision graph renderer

Loui Chang (2):
configure.ac: Set value-if-not-found, don’t check for program false
Initialise views and screens with nonzero size.

Jonas Fonseca


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