Bug Fix

  • Fixed issue #715: Unable to show log when there are old version cache file

  • Fixed issue #611: Add “copy all information” to “Changed Files” dialog

  • Fixed new file miss when combine commits at log dialog

  • Fixed issue #720: Infinite loop at search in Show Log when there are notes



  • Significantly Improve Log fetch speed for big repository
    Fetch modified file list asynchronous.
    Time filter (From, to) use git built-in –max-age and –min-age.
    Text filter use git grep.
    Fixed issue #590: wasteful use of memory with very large repository
    Fixed issue #531: Git synchronization UI opened so slowly
    Fixed issue #541: show log is extremely slow
    Fixed issue #364: Log – hot key for “browse refs” dialog

  • Improve TortoisePLink 3x transfer perfomance
    Update TortoisePlink to plink 9078

  • Implemented issue #664: Warn when committing to detached HEAD

  • The context menu can be hidden completely for unversioned items (issue 674)

  • Only show DCommit type dialog if “svn.rmdir” is unset

  • Optionally remember DCommit type setting

  • enable git status column in TortoiseShell

  • Fixed issue #644: Dropped “Check repository” button on check for
    modifications dialog

  • Allow to diff two revisions of a file by calling TortoiseProc

  • Fixed issue #480: Implement text copying opportunities in the dialogs

  • Allow to change EOL by pressing CTRL+Return in TortoiseMerge

  • Allow to replace (previously hardcoded) Notepad2 by any other editor

  • Optionally send/mail patches via MAPI, if a default mail client is set up

  • Fixed issue #248: Allow to reorder commits on rebase

  • Fixed issue #702: Added request-pull functionality

  • TortoiseGitBlame
    Clicking on a line automatically selects the log entry in the loglist
    Allow to diff to previous revision of a file
    Added new context menu
    Allow to toggle author column

Bug Fix

  • Fixed issue #669: cannot open help from clean window

  • Fixed issue #671: Help not working when choose switch dialog and
    dcommit dialog

  • Fixed issue #690: Superfluous line in displayed commit message

  • Do not allow to delete-ignore working copy root-directory

  • Starting TortoiseGitBlame might fail to start if folder contains spaces

  • Fixed window titles of log and statistics window

  • Fixed issue #697: /CloseOnEnd was not working, fixed for fetch&pull

  • Fixed issues with the send mail dialog
    If all three attempts failed, do not show success
    If all three attempts failed, do not go on sending more patches
    Correctly show retries
    Interpret user cancel as failure

  • TortoiseGitBlame
    Fixed issue #448: Disable personalized menu behaviour
    After blaming an older revision, TortoiseGitBlame was fixed to this.

  • Fixed issue #704: cannot open help from diff from previous, browse refs

  • Fixed issue #694: “Clean Up” executes on top level directory

  • Fixed issue #680: StatGraphDlg.cpp min-avg statistics are incorrect

  • Fixed issue #705: Fixed comparing added/deleted files on diffing
    whole revisions

  • Improved “Combine commits” process (prevents possible loss of data)


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