libgit2 v0.13.0

Hello everyone,

one more month, and another minor release of libgit2. We’re getting there.

The release has been tagged at:

A dist package can be found at:

Updated documentation can be found at:

The full change log follows after the message.

Thanks for your time,

libgit2 v0.13.0 “Watermelon Wheat”

On this rascalicious minor release of libgit2:

  • We’ve dropped support for Waf. All the build process is now managed
    through CMake for all platforms.

  • We’ve removed the custom backends from the repository. You can now
    find a collection of Custom backends on their own repo, under the
    libgit2 org. Including MySQL and Memcache backends, courtesy of the
    beardful Brian Lopez.

  • We are rocking a new documentation system, Docurium, courtesy of the
    insightful Scott Chacon. Check out the details for each single method
    in our external API and the way they’ve evolved through the history
    of the library:

This will certainly come in handy if you are developing bindings for
the library.

  • You can now check the linked version of the library from your
    application or bindings, using git_libgit2_version.

  • We have a gazillion new features, courtesy of our invaluable
    collaborators, including:

    • Support for Config files!

    • Support for prefix-only reads on the ODB

    • Repository discovery

    • Support for the Unmerged Entries index extension

    • Better Windows support

    • 30.000 bug fixes (actual number may be lower)

Thanks as always to everyone who makes this project possible.

Here’s the full list of all external API changes:

  • git_index_open_bare

  • git_index_open_inrepo

  • git_odb_backend_sqlite

  • git_oid_mkraw

  • git_oid_mkstr

  • git_reference_listcb

  • git_repository_workdir

  • git_blob_lookup_prefix

  • git_commit_lookup_prefix

  • git_config_add_file

  • git_config_add_file_ondisk

  • git_config_file__ondisk

  • git_config_find_global

  • git_config_foreach

  • git_config_free

  • git_config_get_bool

  • git_config_get_int

  • git_config_get_long

  • git_config_get_string

  • git_config_new

  • git_config_open_global

  • git_config_open_ondisk

  • git_config_set_bool

  • git_config_set_int

  • git_config_set_long

  • git_config_set_string

  • git_index_entry_stage

  • git_index_entrycount_unmerged

  • git_index_get_unmerged_byindex

  • git_index_get_unmerged_bypath

  • git_index_open

  • git_object_lookup_prefix

  • git_odb_read_prefix

  • git_oid_fromraw

  • git_oid_fromstr

  • git_oid_ncmp

  • git_reference_foreach

  • git_repository_config

  • git_repository_discover

  • git_repository_is_bare

  • git_tag_lookup_prefix

  • git_tree_entry_type

  • git_tree_lookup_prefix


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