Git User’s Survey 2011

Hello all,

We would like to ask you a few questions about your use of the Git
version control system. This survey is mainly to understand who is
using Git, how and why.

The results will be published to the Git wiki on the GitSurvey2011
page ( and
discussed on the git mailing list.

The survey would be open from 5 September till 3 October 2011.

Please devote a few minutes of your time to fill this simple
questionnaire, it will help a lot the git community to understand your
needs, what you like of Git, and of course what you don’t like of it.

The survey can be found here:

There is also alternate version which does not require cookies,
but it doesn’t allow one to go back to response and edit it.

P.S. At request I can open a separate channel in survey, with a separate
survey URL, so that responses from particular site or organization could
be separated out.

Please send me a email with name of channel, and I will return with
a separate survey URL to use.

Git Development Community


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