This release brings several diff and blame view improvements, as well as
a handful of bug fixes. It also marks that the tig repository now sports
1001 commits. The full list of noteable changes are listed below. Enjoy!

What is tig?

Tig is an ncurses-based text-mode interface for git. It functions mainly
as a git repository browser, but can also assist in staging changes for
commit at chunk level and act as a pager for output from various git

Release notes


  • Remove support for the deprecated TIG_{MAIN,DIFF,LOG,TREE,BLOB}_CMD
    environment variables.


  • Pressing enter on diff stat file lines will jump to file’s diff.

  • Naïvely color blame IDs to distinguish lines.

  • Document palette color options used for revision graph and blame IDs.

  • Add support for blaming diff lines.

  • Add diff-context option and bindings to increase the diff context in
    the diff and stage view.

  • (GH-6) Make blame configurable via extra options passed from the command
    line and blame-options setting from ~/.tigrc. For example:

    set blame-options = -C -C -C

Bug fixes:

  • Expand browsing state variables for prompt. (LP #694780, Debian #635546)

  • Fix segfault when sorting the branch view by author.

  • Expand %(directory) to . for the root directory. (GH-3)

  • Accept utf-8 for the line-graphics option as indicated in the docs.

  • Use erasechar() to check for the correct backspace character.

Change summary

The diffstat and log summary for changes made in this release.

Makefile            |    7 +-
NEWS                |   31 +-
VERSION             |    2 +-
contrib/aspell.dict |    9 +-
io.c                |    7 +
manual.txt          |    2 +
tig.1.txt           |    7 +-
tig.c               | 1614 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
tig.h               |   27 +-
tigrc.5.txt         |   76 ++-
10 files changed, 1124 insertions(+), 658 deletions(-)
58  Jonas Fonseca
 1  Ozan Çağlayan
 1  Pierre Habouzit
 2  Sebastian Harl
 3  Sven Wegener
 1  Tony Miller
 1  Von Fugal

Jonas Fonseca


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