unofficial git-announce mailing list

Good evening all,

As some people may be aware, some time ago now I created some RSS feeds
by filtering the Git mailing lists ( to make
the task of following only certain types of information from this list

I have now extended this tool to include a git-announce mailing list.
This is an announce-only style list that receives all the same mails
that are pulled into the announce RSS feed.

The website for the list can be found here:

It’s a mailman hosted list, so the normal email based interaction works
too. So you can also subscribe by mailing:

I primarily created this for my own use – but since it is something
that has been asked about in the past, I though I would share it.

Comments/suggestions welcome (though I don’t promise to change anything

Please also let me know if you have any objections to the existence of
this list (I do promise to respond to these).



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