Git 1.7.7.rc3

A release candidate Git 1.7.7.rc3 is available for testing but not at the
usual places.

The tarball is found at:

and its SHA-1 checksum is:

c6ba05a833cab49dd66dd1e252306e187effbf2b git-1.7.7.rc3.tar.gz

Also the following public repositories all have a copy of the v1.7.7-rc3
tag and the master branch that the tag points at:

url = git://
url =
url = git://
url = git://
url =

I had to make a quick fix for a recent regression directly on master, and
I would like to cook it for a few days, so the final has to wait til mid
next week.

Until then please help testing to find other regressions.

Changes since v1.7.7-rc2 are as follows:

Allan Caffee (1):
      describe: Refresh the index when run with --dirty

Jay Soffian (1):
      git-mergetool: check return value from read

Jeff King (1):
      t4014: clean up format.thread config after each test

Junio C Hamano (3):
      merge-recursive: Do not look at working tree during a virtual ancestor merge
      Git 1.7.7-rc3

Junio C Hamano wrote on 23 Sep 2011


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