git-cola v1.7.0 tagged and released

The latest feature release of git-cola is available on github:

git-cola is a sleek and powerful git GUI.
It’s fast, featureful, and fun to use.

Development is active after almost 4 years of development
so checkout our github repo for the latest and greatest:

New features since the last release

  • A graphical DAG visualizer is available as
    git dag

  • The
    widget includes a preview pane for instantly showing the contents of a stash.

  • Usability improvements

is probably the most interesting new feature. It visualizes DAGs using a 2D canvas which allows for unique visualizations over a project’s history.

has long had advanced interactive staging / index-manipulation capabilities, difftool integration, and much more. It’s written in python, portable to all platforms where git is available, and GPL2 licensed.

Have fun,

David @

David Aguilar wrote on 05 Nov 2011


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