git-remote-bzr 0.2


git-remote-bzr is a bidirectional bridge between Git and Bazaar. It is
production-ready, has been widely tested, and was previously part of

As I already explained[1], there is no path forward for git-remote-hg
and git-remote-bzr; Junio C Hamano has retracted from his previous
statements where he wanted these tools to become part of the Git core
and distributed by default.

So it’s time to move out-of-tree so they can be packaged and distributed
properly (as properly as any out-of-tree tool can).

Changes from v1.9 upstream:

  • Add manpage

  • Fix regression that will become active in Git v2.0

  • Add support for older versions of bzr

If you use ArchLinux, you can use the package I wrote[2].

Enjoy 🙂

Felipe Contreras (10):
      Reorganize test
      Add README
      build: add install instructions
      doc: add manpage
      Add support for older versions
      Trivial test fix
      Store marks only on success
      test: fix redirection style
      travis: add initial configuration
      Use python2 instead of python

dequis (1):
      Include authors field in pushed commits


Felipe Contreras wrote on 09 May 2014