git-remote-hg 0.2


git-remote-hg is a bidirectional bridge between Git and Mercurial. It is
production-ready, has been widely tested, and was previously part of

Junio C Hamano has retracted from his previous statements where he
wanted these tools to become part of the Git core and distributed by

It is obviously production ready so it doesn’t belong in contrib/

Since there’s no path forward, it has been split into a separate
out-of-tree project.

This will hurt our users, but it’s better than having dubious prospects
of when and how these tools will be part of the core, if such a thing
was even possible to begin with.

Changes from v1.9 upstream:

  • Add manpage

  • Fix regression that will become active in Git v2.0

  • Do not fail on invalid bookmarks

  • Skip multiple heads (hg has such a thing)

  • Ported tests from gitifyhg

  • Add support for Mercurial v3.0

  • Fixes for failed imports

If you use ArchLinux, you can use the package I wrote[1].

Enjoy 🙂

Daniel Liew (1):
      Use internal clone's hgrc

Felipe Contreras (22):
      Reorganize tests
      Add README
      build: add install target
      doc: add manpage
      Always normalize paths
      Fix parsing of custom committer
      Update to 'public' phase when pushing
      Store marks only on success
      Properly detect missing contexts
      test: split into setup test
      remote-hg: make sure we omit multiple heads
      Simplify hg-git regex
      Add more tests
      test: dd file operation tests
      test: trivial cleanups and fixes
      Add support for hg v3.0
      test: trivial style cleanups
      test: fix redirection style
      travis: add initial configuration
      readme: fix link location
      test: add missing redirection
      Use python2 instead of python

Max Horn (1):
      Do not fail on invalid bookmarks


Felipe Contreras wrote on 09 May 2014