git-submodule-ext, git-new-workdir (updates for supermodules), and git-emeld (using git-new-workdir)


I have been working on some of the following utilities for working
with submodules:

  • git-submodule-ext – Experimental extensions to git-submodule.
    Includes foreach with –top-level, –post-order, and –constrain
    options. (Been using this to prototype patches for git-submodule)

  • git-new-workdir – Modified from git/contrib, I’ve added support for
    using this on supermodules and submodules. It does so by changing some
    of the config (which I figured did not matter if the new workdir’s are
    meant to be short-lived)

  • git-emeld – Inspired by git-meld / git-diffall, compare editable
    versions of your repos, so you can then go back and make commits.
    Since it uses git-new-workdir, it can be used for supermodules as

These are available here: [Kind of
generic name, may change later]

I have also put together a small primer on Git submodules:

Let me know of any suggestions you have for these tools or the primer.
I plan to submit these modifications as patches in the future.

Eric Cousineau wrote on 29 Apr 2013