Git v1.8.4.4

The latest maintenance release Git v1.8.4.4 is now available at
the usual places.

The release tarballs are found at:

and their SHA-1 checksums are:

1aaa1a51b599f19125e06fa6e839c9ff2e5ac941  git-
c2ee47c2bbf8ede70eef2a1ba936a30aa0d78b2a  git-htmldocs-
4637e22fd2fe59cf00b4a105f5104af9bfea8c2c  git-manpages-

The following public repositories all have a copy of the v1.8.4.4
tag and the maint branch that the tag points at:

url =
url = git://
url =
url = git://
url = git://
url =

Also, has copies of the
release tarballs.

Git v1.8.4.4 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.8.4.3

 * The fix in v1.8.4.3 to the pack transfer protocol to propagate
   the target of symbolic refs broke "git clone/git fetch" from a
   repository with too many symbolic refs. As a hotfix/workaround,
   we transfer only the information on HEAD.

Changes since v1.8.4.3 are as follows:


Junio C Hamano (2):
      Revert "upload-pack: send non-HEAD symbolic refs"

Junio C Hamano wrote on 20 Nov 2013