gitolite v3.0 released

Hello all,

Gitolite is now at version 3.0. The new “master” branch (as of
a few minutes ago) is what used to be “g3”, and the old “master”
has been renamed to “g2”.

The tag is “v3.0”. However, since this is a complete rewrite,
with no common commits, the older tags are not ancestors of this
one. Please be aware of this, although to most people it should
not matter.

The online documentation has also been switched around; the
default docs at [1] are now “g3” docs, and the old ones are in a
“g2” subdirectory; see [2].

The reasons for the rewrite are at [3], although some may make
sense only to people who’ve used gitolite.

I’m using it in “production” in my own group, although my
biggest internal customer has not yet migrated due to scheduling
issues. If you’re using any exotic features in gitolite, please
see the dev-status page at [4] before migrating. Migration from
the older gitolite is documented at [5].



Sitaram Chamarty wrote on 18 Apr 2012