L10n update for Git 1.7.10-rc0

L10n team leaders,

It time to update your locale files to the new git.pot for Git 1.7.10-rc0.
A new “po/git.pot” file is generated in the l10 coordinator repository:


Updates for this new revision since last update:

  • Add 1 new l10n string in the new generated “git.pot” file at line: 191

In order to update your locale files, l10n team leaders should pull from the l10
coordinator repository:


And then update your locale files, make a commit and push to the forked
repository for your l10n team. Update locale file use this command:

msgmerge --add-location --backup=off -U XX.po git.pot
(A upcoming helper program will wrap the gettext commands, and
make this step easy.)

After pushed the commits with new translations to your forked repository
of your l10n team, please send a pull request to the 10n coordinator
repository on GitHub. But before that it is helpful to check your locale file
and new commits as follows:

  • Do a syntax check on XX.po

    msgfmt -o /dev/null --check --statistics XX.po
    or HELPER_SCRIPT check[XX.po]
  • Check your commit log, to prevent non-ascii characters in the commit
    log without a valid embed encoding setting. The upcoming HELPER
    script can help:

    HELPER_SCRIPT commits[origin/master,HEAD]

Jiang Xin

Jiang Xin wrote on 08 Mar 2012