namespace support in gitolite

Hello all,

Gitolite now supports namespaces on the server side (invisible
to the client side of course). See [1] for details.

A simple way to describe it would be that all the repos in the
top row of the picture in the “integration manager workflow” at
[2] are stored in one physical repo on the server, which saves a
lot of disk space as well as network traffic for pushes to a
“new” repo.

This is all on the server side. On the client side they
continue to look like separate repos, so nothing changes.

In addition, gitolite’s upstream trigger can be used to keep
the main repo in sync with the real upstream (somewhere on the
internet) if you wish.

A bit more detail and a small example is at [3].


Sitaram Chamarty wrote on 18 Nov 2012