ssoma – some sort of mail archiver (using git)

ssoma is a git-based mail archiver and transport. Email is injected via
ssoma-mda(1) (MDA: mail delivery agent) on a server and may be shared
(via git) and extracted to mbox, Maildir, or IMAP via ssoma(1). ssoma
exists primarily as the mechanism (not policy) for public-inbox but may
easily be used for other projects.

Readers of public-inbox instances may install ssoma to extract messages
into their favorite mail client for reading.

See for more information on how ssoma is used.

Source code: git clone git://80×
Installation info:
Discussion: (no subscription required[1])

You may subscribe to via ssoma:
LISTNAME is a name of your choosing:

# to initialize a maildir (this may be a new or existing maildir,
# ssoma will not touch existing messages)
# If you prefer mbox, use mbox:/path/to/mbox as the last argument
ssoma add $LISTNAME $URL maildir:/path/to/maildir
# read with your favorite MUA (only using mutt as an example)
mutt -f /path/to/maildir # (or /path/to/mbox)
# to keep your mbox or maildir up-to-date, periodically run the following:
ssoma sync $LISTNAME
# your MUA may modify and delete messages from the maildir or mbox,
# this does not affect ssoma functionality at all
# to sync all your ssoma subscriptions
ssoma sync
# You may wish to sync in your cronjob
ssoma sync --cron

If you prefer web browsers, you may also read the list at: without installing ssoma
Or use an Atom feed reader:

[1] – or possible at this point: public-inbox is an archives first,
pull-based approach to mailing lists. Anybody may also run a
push service on top of it, though.

Mail repository format

If you are uncomfortable running code in ssoma for any reason and
would rather read directly from the git repository, the following
document describes it:

Thanks for reading this far!

Eric Wong wrote on 07 May 2014