Due to a bug in the handling of submodules, here is a new release of
Tig. In addition to the bug fix, this new version reduces memory usage
and startup time of the main view and shows the blob size in the tree

Note to packagers: the manual and manpage documentation files now live
inside the doc/ directory and and have .asciidoc as the extension. The
SITES file has been removed as its content has been merged into README.

What is Tig?

Tig is an ncurses-based text-mode interface for git. It functions mainly
as a Git repository browser, but can also assist in staging changes for
commit at chunk level and act as a pager for output from various Git


Release notes


  • Move manual and man pages to doc/ directory and rename AsciiDoc files
    to have .asciidoc as the extension to make them render on GitHub.


  • Show blob sizes in the tree view either as bytes or using binary unit
    prefixes. Example: set show-file-size = units. (GH #163)

  • Reduce main view memory usage and startup time, especially when revision
    graph rendering is disabled. (GH #160)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix submodule-related setup to check for non-zero return value from
    setenv(). (GH #188)

Change summary

The diffstat and log summary for changes made in this release.

.gitignore                     |   18 +-
BUGS                           |    4 +-
INSTALL                        |   92 +++--
Makefile                       |   76 ++--
NEWS                           |   62 ++-
README                         |   28 +-
SITES                          |    7 -
asciidoc.conf                  |   65 ---
contrib/announcement.sh        |   11 +-
contrib/aspell.dict            |   18 +-
contrib/config.make            |   16 +
contrib/config.make-Darwin     |    5 +
contrib/tig.spec.in            |    6 +-
contrib/update-release-docs.sh |    6 +-
doc/asciidoc.conf              |   65 +++
doc/manual.asciidoc            |  606 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
doc/tig.1.asciidoc             |  195 ++++++++
doc/tigmanual.7.asciidoc       |   20 +
doc/tigrc.5.asciidoc           |  757 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
manual.txt                     |  604 -------------------------
tig.1.txt                      |  176 --------
tig.c                          |  333 +++++++++++----
tigmanual.7.txt                |   20 -
tigrc.5.txt                    |  736 -------------------------------
24 files changed, 2119 insertions(+), 1807 deletions(-)
Dan Church (1):
      Fix man page install

Jonas Fonseca (19):
      Move documentation to doc directory
      Rework README to include the list of online resources
      Fix submodule-related setup to properly check setenv return value
      Fix path to sysconfdir-based gitconfig in tig(1)
      Fix HTML doc installation
      Ignore *.swp files and restrict to only ignore top-level config.make
      Add work-around for building manpages with Homebrew-based xmlto
      Improve the installation instructions
      Show blob sizes in the tree view
      Ignore generated HTML files in the whole tree
      Dynamically allocate commit titles to reduce memory usage
      Postpone ref list lookup to the draw phase
      Bypass all graph calls and memory allocations when the graph is disabled
      Free graph symbols when reloading the main view
      Remove the dont_free line struct flag in favor of custom help_done
      Fix regression that skipped commits with no messages
      Simplify the install goal and rename $(PROGS) to $(EXE)
      Use capitalized Git and Tig when talking about the systems in general

Jonas Fonseca wrote on 24 Aug 2013