WinGit – native x86/x64 Git for Windows

I’m proud to announce WinGit:
an attempt to bring Git powers to 64-bit Windows.

WinGit is currently used only by my coworkers and isn’t considered
production-ready-rock-solid. Use at your own risk.

Homepage & build instructions


MSI packages:

After installation, git.exe is ready to be used from cmd.exe or TortoiseGit.
No kind of “Git Bash” or own explorer integration is provided.


Of course WinGit has issues:

Most notable are: git documentation is not packaged, no Tcl/Tk (thus, no gitk),
no SVN, no Explorer integration.


All sources are available on GitHub:

I know that is UGLY, especially openssl part.

Relationship with msysgit

Unlike msysgit, WinGit is a pure-Windows binary build with MSVC.

Like msysgit, WinGit also uses msys environment (sh/perl/etc) both during
build-time and runtime.

WinGit adds a few patches to Git itself on top of msysgit ones.
Patches are required due to insufficient testing of MSVC builds
(caused by total absence of any MSVC-built Git distributions).

All WinGit patches are sent upstream, just didn’t get to master yet.

wrote on 03 Apr 2014