git reintegrate v0.3; manager of integration branches


git reintegrate is a helper tool to manage integration branches, it
has all the options of other known tools.

This is a rewrite of John Keeping’s git-integration in Ruby, it has
essentially the same features and passes all the git-integration
tests, but it has more features.

One feature that is missing from git-integration is the ability to
parse existing integration branches.

To give a try you can do:

git clone
cd git
git fetch -u origin 'refs/tags/*:refs/tags/*' 'refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*'
git checkout pu
git reintegrate --generate pu master

Which will generate the integration instructions for you:

% git reintegrate --cat
base master
merge jl/submodule-mv

Moving a regular file in a repository with a .gitmodules file was
producing a warning 'Could not find section in .gitmodules where

merge ap/remote-hg-unquote-cquote

A fast-import stream expresses a pathname with funny characters by
quoting them in C style; remote-hg remote helper forgot to unquote
such a path.

merge jk/for-each-ref-skip-parsing
merge jk/pack-corruption-post-mortem
merge jk/reset-p-current-head-fix

"git reset -p HEAD" has codepath to special case it from resetting
to contents of other commits, but recent change broke it.


It also has support for “evil merges”, so it should be perfectly
usable for git.git maintenance.

You can edit the instructions with git reintegrate --edit.

The simplest way to begin an integration branch is with:

git reintegrate --create pu master
git reintegrate --add=branch1 --add=branch2 --add=branch3

To generate the integration branch run git reintegrate --rebuild, if
there are merge conflicts, solve them and continue with git
reintegrate --continue

Despite having more features, the code is actually smaller thanks to
Ruby awesomeness.


Changes since v0.1:

  • Add support for empty commits

  • Add support for pause command

  • Update manpage

  • Add bash completion

Felipe Contreras (26):
      Add copyright and license notices
      Fix EDITOR support with arguments
      Trivial style cleanup
      Improve command regex
      Add support for empty commits
      test: improve check_int()
      Add support for 'pause' command
      doc: rename manpage file
      doc: update options
      doc: add description
      doc: add missing instruction commands
      doc: cleanup . command
      Verify branches after parsing
      test: fix test names
      Remove unused statements
      Update README
      test: cleanup instruction sheets
      Update copyright notices
      Add bash completion
      build: add installation stuff
      readme: add installation instructions
      Add gitignore for documentation
      trvis: initial configuration
      travis: add verbosity
      test: add test-lib helper
      travis: remove Ruby 1.8

Felipe Contreras wrote on 18 May 2014