Git v1.9.4

A maintenance release Git v1.9.4 is now available at the usual
places. This is expected to be the final maintenance release for
the 1.9 series, merging the remaining fixes that are relevant and
are already in 2.0.

The tarballs are found at:

The following public repositories all have a copy of the v1.9.4
tag and the maint-1.9 branch that the tag points at:

url =
url = git://
url =
url = git://
url = git://
url =

Git v1.9.4 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.9.3

  • Commands that take pathspecs on the command line misbehaved when
    the pathspec is given as an absolute pathname (which is a
    practice not particularly encouraged) that points at a symbolic
    link in the working tree.

  • An earlier fix to the shell prompt script (in contrib/) for using
    the PROMPT_COMMAND interface did not correctly check if the extra
    code path needs to trigger, causing the branch name not to appear
    when promptvars option is disabled in bash or PROMPT_SUBST is
    unset in zsh.

Junio C Hamano wrote on 30 May 2014